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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I once did the same thing to my sister when I was in my my teens. When I told her it was me we laughed about it and moved on. Weirdly though that was the last time we were that close. We became less close because of other shit that went down in ourlives not the catfishing thing. I would say the catfishing thing made us pals.

    I feel bad for your lil sister. She clearly wants a relationship with him and this is the closest she has felt to him. She is afraid of losing it. I would too.

    But I think he should know because then maybe he will know how interesting his little sister is and perhaps they can have a real relationship. I will be honest, I am a pretty “distant” person too but when a family member (relatives mostly)shows an interesting side to themselves I tend to form a relationship with them. The fear the relationship will end might just be that, only fear not real. He might get mad but it won't change that they like each other and have all these things in common.

    I am just posting one possibility here. This might not happen. There is a possibility it might destroy their relationship and that he will be very mad; if it were me that wouldn't happen though.

    The only way I imagine this going badly is if some definitely romantic stuff happened. If romantic-ish stuff kinda happened it would embarrassing but they can get over it.

  2. You are not a gold digger. He doesn’t even know what it means. He doesn’t value you, sehonestly I’d be very cautious if I were you in continuing this relationship. He comes across as having the potential to financially abuse you should you get married. If you take maternity leave he’ll hold it over your head that he’s supporting you etc… I can see so many situations where he holds money over your head. He doesn’t see you as equal. He’s showing signs of mental abuse now by his controlling ways. How you spend money. Show him your credit store etc….

  3. The thing is, I don’t even know how often he’s using it but I know he has a high sex drive and has to have an O at least once a day. I try to keep up but I can’t. That’s what makes it hurt so much more is like I think damn, you can’t even refrain when I’m trying so naked to please you?

  4. Is chivalry dead?

    You cannot be 35. Is this your first time on the internet? Do you want me to leave my email in the comments so your boyfriend can send me an angry email? Get over yourself.

  5. I had a friend who was on a first date with a guy and had a diarrhea attack in his new car. The story she told was so incredibly embarrassing, I couldn't imagine ever telling anyone about it.

    They got married and were very happy together.

    It could happen to anyone. He's appropriately embarrassed. I wouldn't judge him on this alone.

  6. Women always know ?? I knew immediately after 5 years. He kept denying also so I had to check his phone behind his back.

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