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Date: September 27, 2022

9 thoughts on “SussanaLopez online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Dam, maybe they didn’t respect your time as much as you respected theirs

    So make your time more respectable

  2. Absolutely not , do not leave the home and tell her if she needs space she needs to leave 6 months? Really not even a baffoon would fall for that.

  3. The thing is, there’s a difference between someone not being marriage material and someone not meeting your standards. Like how you said there’s no context we don’t know which one he’s referring to.

  4. Maybe he has a specific idea of what a 'wife' should be, opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one. IMHO you're setting yourself up for failure if you try to mold yourself into someone that he would deem marriage worthy. He'll keep moving the goal posts. If you're dating with a view to marriage , he's not the one for you. Let him go and look for someone you have more in common with.

  5. He is deeply misogynistic, and he sought you out because you had low self-esteem. He’s not worth the energy you expended writing this post.

    I’m glad you’re on your way to a more confident you. After you dump this loser I sense a BIG glow up coming!

  6. Sounds like he sucks in bed and is selfish.

    Yes, things happen. But it's rude AF to decide that if the dick is done, all sex is done.

    Be glad you won't see him again. He's highly forgettable.

  7. She needs to know how you’re feeling. And your feelings are valid. Maybe she’s going through some things herself that you’re not aware of?

    Maybe get a therapist to help yourself and how to approach things?

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