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  1. Oh my good goddamn, that's humiliation you just don't come back from. I'd literally have to find a new job after that. My cousin got lucky and his reversal worked first try. Originally him and his wife had decided that after their first daughter they'd stop having children because my cousin has crohn's disease. But after 7 years they changed their minds and thankfully everything worked out. They now have 3 children aged 14, 7 and 4. But again, luck was on their side for sure.

  2. if by 3 years of liking you mean romantically, try talking about both of your feelings, he was trying to get your attention, and if he's emotional he may have acknowledged your intentions when you were teasing both of yourselves, if not, then just tell him it's okay and that he can trust on you, but give him time and if he doesn't want to be that close of a friend respect his choice and move on

  3. Seriously??? I’m so confused why this grown ass women is more worried about this dude respecting her then possibly having an STD. “Do you like you?” Is the real question OP.

  4. Oh ok… but still, I am pretty sure that neither him nor his friends know about my feelings, I hid them pretty well I think. I actually acted a bit cold towards him and avoided him sometimes so that he doesn’t realise that I like him (I am an introvert…).

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