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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. It sucks tbh. It’s bs too. He started talking to his friend who is a year younger than him and he is in the military , in politics .. has a house.. and that’s when shit hit the fan. His friend suggested that he needs to be a man by himself because of his own journey.

  2. Obviously, I don't know your family personnaly, but to me it seems that they were always critical regarding your beliefs and were just searching for an occasion to impose their view of life. Most of times, when people are trying to blackmail you it is in your best interest not to give in as it always encourages repition. Considering that they have already gone this far, you can take it for granted that either they sincerely change for the better or your relationship won't recover from this. Don't shed any tears over it

  3. She can be upset about that, for sure. And he can be upset for all the reasons he called out. His feelings are equally as valid as hers. Everyone is entitled to their feelings, for sure, but there certainly can be a cost to those feelings (ie, terminating an otherwise good relationship).

    On a side note, it’s strange ti me that this comment string ended up on the topic of misogyny. There are a lot of generalities being thrown around. OP of this comment, I know you didn’t bring that up.

  4. He has admitted that he doesn’t ever want to break up but he does it so that I can be the one to tell him I don’t want to and to try to be with him

  5. Yeah he should just volunteer IMMEDIATELY to kill the dog he got as a puppy and if he doesnt then he's a horrible human being?

  6. Yeah I’m honestly trying and tried hot the first month but noticed he wasn’t really so I stopped.

    The first years he was always the one trying and putting out effort and now I feel like maybe I didn’t do enough then? I thought our love was very mutual though. Should I call him one more time and be straight up? Or should I give him some space to focus on work? Thanks for the reply !

  7. How long have you been together? Cause this sounds a lot like the typical love bombing tactic that narcissists and psycho/sociopaths use to reel you in and make you depend on them, which means you can look forward to:

    Being isolated from friends and family (yes, at first he loves them, but all of a sudden he will tell you they are not good for you or you spend too much time with them etc)

    Being gaslit. He'll make an offensive statement, you'll react to it and he'll say it was just a joke and you need to stop taking it so seriously. He'll say or do something that you react to, then he'll claim you took it the wrong way or that you remember it wrong/it didn't happen like that. Slowly you'll start to doubt yourself. Your memory, your personality, your boundaries, your abilities, your worth and your looks. (Yes he compliments it now, but pretty soon you'll hear that you need to gain or lose weight, that your clothes are wrong, your makeup is wrong etc).

    Being dependent on him completely. Because after isolation and gaslighting comes the doubt and loneliness. You'll have no friends and no sense of self worth so you'll depend on him and what he gives you: a family (his), a group of friends (his), a home (his), and pretty soon you'll be wondering what you're gonna do if he ever leaves you, because you've been gaslit into believing that you're unlovable.

    If I were you, I'd run now. While you still can.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

  8. There isn't a platform that doesn't have people romanticizing an atypical aspect of humanity. Especially since cluster B personality disorders are categorized as theatrical, so they are intrinsically, “entertaining” in a way. That's part of the risk of the human condition. That being said, pwASPD or any cluster B group PD diagnosis are still people. I am willing to believe people are open to sharing their lived experiences with others that are ignorant to their circumstances.

    There are anecdotal and clinical examples of atypical individuals being successful in nurturing roles. A diagnosis doesn't define a person, it's a cluster of symptoms that they experience. Abnormal psychology isn't about segregating atypical communities, but finding ways to support them in actively engaging in society in healthy and meaningful ways. This includes relationships and parenting.

    Love isn't always expressed through emotions. Love is also part of actions, like the 5 love languages. I might express my love through physical acts, like hugs. Someone else might express their love through acts of service, like teaching their loved ones how to be successful. It's a very personal process. Just because what I experience and project as love is different from someone else, doesn't negate their experience.

  9. It sounds like your daughter is currently being raised by her grandmother and is about to change to living with her great aunt. Is her mother in her life at all? What happened that you are only being contacted after so many years? If she has always been with her grandmother, it would be a tremendous adjustment to leave that life with a stranger. Would she be able to see her grandmother on a somewhat regular basis after moving in with you? It's a difficult situation, and this may be a good option for your daughter. I have to say, you don't actually sound like it would be a big deal to you if you and your wife ended up divorced because of your new interest in raising your child from a former relationship. This is a huge change to your marriage and the plans you made together.

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