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Date: September 27, 2022

5 thoughts on “SweetieAnna live! webcams for YOU!

  1. If your boss is remotely a professional in any way, then they'd get rid of both of you. Likewise, it'll be an HR and home office/corporate decision once you open that can of worms. Any company with a brain that would continue to employ either of you is fubar.

  2. He also has a kid.

    I think this would be the only thing I'd talk to your sis about. So she loves this man, he loves her…they most likely are actively planning to close the gap.

    How will this work with him having a child? Is the bio mum still in the picture? Does he have full- or shared custody? Have they got two good lawyers to protect them both and the kid in case things ever turn sour? If they break up after him moving over on a K1/C1 visa, would she also be financially responsible for his child if he's able to bring them to the US as well?

    How old is the child? Do they think they'll adapt to the US easily?

  3. yeah i totally understand that if i make the decision to break up with her, then it’s done. that’s kinda just what i’m scared of, making the wrong decision

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