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  1. You tell your family the same way you told us. I can’t believe you gave this guy that long. Good luck to you.

  2. I hope the house is in your name and he doesn't try to take it from you. This relationship doesn't sound like a good one tbh.

  3. Do you think this could just be where he keeps all important papers pertaining to health? I mean we have separate files for all of our health checkups, surgeries etc, we don't keep them in a safe but maybe that's just how your bf does things..

  4. OP, I will tell you a sad fact about Human Beings that you need to start

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  5. Agreed, he backpedalled instantly when I called him out and said “X isn't ugly, she's pretty” and he agreed like he didn't just insult her a minute ago.

  6. Yeah, furst you need couple counceling to work through her issues. Het behaviour is unacceptable and you should let her know, you won't tolerate it going forward.

    If she refuses you should ask lawyer how to get her out. Only after that you should act to break up and get her out of your house.

  7. “My boyfriend. He's early 50's with wild, curly silver hair, tall, big dark eyes. He's also incredibly smart, sweet, thoughtful, and puts up with me.”

    This post from you right here is how you got to this point. You view him as the best and putting up with you . So you give more and require nothing or minimal .

  8. No, I would be upset by this too.

    Why didn't your husband politely decline her number? Did he give you a reason why he needs her number?

    Also, the touching crosses a boundary too.

  9. I am sorry he did this to you.

    The only thing I can think of that might help is if he is a good parent and you can trust him to parent – then if you guys split custody 50/50 then you aren't parenting alone. And the kids don't lose their relationship with either parent. I mean life just got harder for sure and this may just be a shitty suggestion. I don't know what to suggest. I am sorry for you though and the kids. Him – not at all. He can suck it.

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