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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. If you guys like to travel a lot (or even only once every year or two) then you can have your very own trip for an engagement down the line which will be 10x more meaningful. IMO there are a few important things people should do before getting engaged and one is travelling, one is living together. So definitely move in first and make sure your day to day is equally as compatible.

  2. It was my 35th birthday on Valentine's Day this year. I was prepared to just make dinner as usual but my partner picked a semi expensive place to order food from.

    You know why? Because every single restaurant is completely booked up for the weekend before and after, and the day itself of valentine's. I've had 2 birthdays in the past 20 years where I had people celebrate with me because friends are always focused on their parents. I stopped getting phone calls from my parents past 18 cos they'd completely forget.

    If YOU didn't bother looking into doing something, and left it up to him, what does that say about you? St Valentine died a martyr by marrying people in secret at a time when marriages were illegal. And you show your thanks for putting all the onus on men to please you in so weird “romantic” way then when you don't communicate what you'd like to do, use passive aggressive actions to “make your point.”

    You're a year older than me and acting like a spoilt little brat. Grow up. I don't even act like that when people forget my birthday ?

  3. I don’t even go get me the trouble to read the post. Just read the title. Dear OP, run away from this physical abusive relationship. I’ll lent you a pair of Nike’s running shoes. Really.

    He SHOVES YOU ON THE F*******G GROUND. What ever hint you need more? Because honestly this is a police case.

  4. Now that you know about it, you will be held legally responsible as well when he gets in trouble. You need to report this. That is gross.

  5. Self defense all the way. Just because you didn’t receive an Injury doesn’t mean you were unjustified. If someone is chasing you with a knife you can shoot them.

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