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  1. OP,

    If you're girlfriend was having second thoughts about you, would you want her to wait and fake happiness for you to give you a few more weeks of happiness for you or would you want her to tell you the truth immediately?

    It might be important for you to talk to her and tell her how you feel about the topic of having children asap, this is a topic that makes or breaks relationships and you and her need to confirm how you both feel about the topic and see if you're on the same page.

    If you don't agree about kids, in my mind its better to break up with her sooner rather than later even if it means her being a little sad during the holidays. At least during the holidays, she'll have family & friends to be with.

    But just remember, its only been 4 months. Emotionally speaking I don't think she will devastated, just a little saddened.

    Good luck OP.

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