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  1. Before you jump on the whole “leave him” thing, I’d go to a doctors and just check and see if there’s another reason that you might feel pain during sex. Obviously it’s different for everyone, and some positions do just hurt more, but I’ve also seen several posts like this where there were underlying medical problems as well. Possibly your bc like you said but I haven’t heard of anything like that.

    However, he should have listened to you, and tried something else, or maybe just stopped sex all together to give you a break. My real concern is actually the infertility joke, that’s a weird and insensitive thing to make a joke about (especially during that time) but also in general it’s never okay to joke about those kinds of topics.

  2. Break up

    I have friends where one person did not want kids and the other did. They were together for close to twenty years because the one who wanted kids was willing to be wait until their partner was ready (fully believing their partner would change their minds) and the other was hoping they would wake up one day and want kids. In the end they broke up and it was brutal for everyone involved.

  3. If you can't accept that other people have sexual histories, you aren't mature enough for a relationship at all. Let alone with someone 11 years younger than you.

  4. You’d have to be gullible to think that both people involved in this story posted their sides in the same subreddit around the same time without even knowing that the other person posted it.

  5. I was a divorced dad of 4 and 2. Separated at 6 months. She was cheating.

    Also here to say it’s not that nude. Personally have no empathy for the travails of stay at home moms that are always exhausted and in a bad mood; but that’s a different post. I for the most part had a blast as a 50% co parent.

    I ended up being probably a better dad than I was in track to be. My career got a little side tracked, but no regrets spending my afternoons playing soccer and hockey instead of 60 hour work weeks.

    Good luck.

  6. Just ask him to go get a bite to eat. See what he says.

    Also don’t do the bold lettering. It’s too distracting.

  7. She does actually. Sometimes she recognizes it, but often I just wait until it doesn’t hurt anymore and try to forget it. I can’t ever seem to find a way of explaining my side without her tearing me down more or getting angrier. I try to go step by step in my thinking and she refuses it, which is incredibly frustrating. So I give up because I don’t want to end up mad too.

  8. If you think Reddit’s so weird go ask someone in your personal life for advice. I’m sure they’ll think you’re just as trashy as the rest of us, and your sister, do.

  9. You got it right. She's mentioned it on multiple occasions that we should make it/ wants me to make it for her

  10. My mother is very supportive, but it's come totally out of the blue I'm in shock honestly. I've visited his parents to see them. He's made them aware. He did know my financial circumstances, which aren't good. I just wasn't expecting to be moving back to her place and be alone again. I literally don't have more than one friend and I'm just feeling so rejected.

  11. For me it’s everything… start with personalized loving words like ‘I knew from our 3rd date on that you were the one for me. That still holds true.’ ‘Nothing is sexier than when you come home exhausted and still make time to ask about my day and cuddle on the couch. I appreciate you and thank you for all that you do for our family’ then lead up to the dirty stuff like ‘txt me when you leave work so I can have a hot bath ready for you, kids ready for hugs and I’ll put them to bed while you soak.’ Followed by the pic of face and chair comment lol.

    For me it’s all about the emotional connection and love first. If the dirty stuff comes too soon then I tend to feel used or not wanted for who I am but rather just the pleasure my body gives.

  12. My advice is to leave it. She doesn't want to date you. That's her choice.

    You're not going to change this thing about you, and it'd be wrong to try to persuade her that she should ignore it.

  13. Maybe the answer here is not to multitask? If you know this is a weakness of yours, you should talk to your partner about setting up a communication system that avoids passive conversations. Tell her that because you want to make sure you’re listening to her properly, tell her to give you a heads up that she wants to talk, after which you are responsible for pausing/stopping everything before she proceeds to talk. And just talk that way.

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