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Date: September 21, 2022

13 thoughts on “tatjanatillers

  1. Maybe use your words to communicate your needs instead of just silently wondering why everyone is different.

    Also, you showed up fucking late. Too bad, you missed the pizza.

    You have a lot of audacity to show up late and be like, “Why are you eating with out me??”

  2. I have no window into her heart so I can't determine her motives.

    When I have run into this in the past it has had a lot more to do

    with keeping options open while looking for something better. FWIW.

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  4. Look, you did what you did. Not everyone would. That doesn't mean they are wrong. They just view what you did differently than you do. They wouldn't do it. It may be because it puts the bride in the middle or the fact that it could have gone worse than it did.

    I think the tone is a bit harsh, but the message isn't unwarranted. I wouldn't repeat it or Alice may decide you're stirring the shitpot and the actual problem.

    Like a lot of people learning to set boundaries, you are walking the fine line between setting boundaries and using boundaries as a weapon or as punishment. You did manage to set boundaries with him, but I think it's more because he didn't challenge you back. So keep working on it.

  5. But we both did the same thing, I dont know what happened between them anymore than he knows what happened between my friend and me.

  6. Your brain is correct. If he’s not putting in the time, he doesn’t want to. No matter what he says he doesn’t want to because when a Man loves a woman, he tried to do everything to get next to her. So I would pull your energy back and go do something else. Tell him you guys need a break I would say a break up.

  7. Wtf that is super weird a d almost gross. A motherly love is completely different than a girlfriend love, and frankly to compare the two is icky to me. What a guy.

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