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Date: September 26, 2022

12 thoughts on “Tattoobabyy live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Man I had this gay coworker who had a crush on me. He used to complain how I never said hi or anything. Tried to be like “I want you to buy me a coffee” as if I had to prove something I didn’t have any interest in proving always complained that I liked another coworker more (me and this dude love basketball and love our rap music).

    Honestly this experience got me over people’s entitlement of attention. Let me go to work and work. I have ownership over who I choose to interact with.

  2. She sounds like very hot work…I feel sorry for you.

    They're your children as well. Don't let her act like they aren't. If you have family and want them to have a relationship with your kids… you have every right to take them there.

    She sounds like the kind of person who would stand in the way of your kids having a relationship with your parents.

    You said she's Eastern European.. and you from a different country?

  3. Your adult father picked a fight with a 19 year old as he tried to reminisce about a childhood summer. He was dying for a reason to give you an ultimatum so he MADE ONE. Dad hasn’t liked your bf since you met him, bet.

    Your dad sounds like a dick. And a cop. Keep the boyfriend, lay down a boundary with your dad: no cop talk.

  4. A part of me just really wants to believe him. But there’s just no way he doesn’t realize how this comes across. I always imagine how he would’ve reacted, if I told him one of my friends’ boyfriends did this. I just know for a fact that he would be judging it so naked

  5. This feels relationship ending. He clearly wants kids, but more alarmingly he's making major life decisions without your input. (Telling his parents, planning a move, buying furniture?) He's stomping all over your boundaries and just doing whatever he wants. Really take some time to consider what you want in a partner because he just showed you exactly who he is.

  6. The moment she said it’s his chance to show he really wants her I was just like what even. Really seems like a one sided relationship

  7. Her I’m also an atheist, but he’s absolutely a Christian. All Christian’s are hypocrites incapable of following the doctrine they cling to. The worst ones being wretched examples of Christian’s makes no difference regarding their religious beliefs. No one is discounted from being a Christian just because they believe in hell and actively make decisions their doctrine says will guarantee them a ride there.

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