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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. You can hire a private investigator. If you’re in a no-fault state and proving infidelity won’t help your case you can skip the drama and go right to the lawyer and serve her.

  2. This is great advice, thank you! I just don’t want him to turn it around on me and say “well why were you looking” it’s sounds stupid because I was hoping for concrete evidence other than just flirty banter. I don’t want him to spin it that I’m just being paranoid. But I will bring it up.

    And no they haven’t met outside of work just them 1 on 1. There has also been other coworkers there plus his mum works at the school also so I doubt he’d be stupid enough to try it in-front of her. I don’t think he would bring her to our house, there are pictures all over of us and my stuff is everywhere. But by the sounds of the texts they want to go out drinking alone while I’m gone. The drunker the better as-well.

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