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, y.o.

Location: United States

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Date: September 27, 2022

9 thoughts on “the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Yeah here in SC, where I on-line now, I can give my 14 year old alcohol as long as we’re home. I get downvoted all the time but if we normalized things like that, like in Europe, we wouldn’t have the teenage alcohol abuse we have now. It don’t be a big deal to them when they get out and about.

  2. I feel kinda dumb next to him so I felt like I needed to prepare by asking for help (not that he does anything to me feel dumb, he’s just so good at everything and it’s a little intimidating).

    Maybe your right, maybe I should just relax and talk to him 🤔

  3. This guy seems to be missing some maturity. Must people learn there is a time place for things at least by their 20's. Maybe he thinks he's marking his territory with this high school attempts at flirting. His behavior is part of the reason why companies don't like employees dating.

  4. Just curious if you live! up to the standards your placing on her. She studied law, I’m assuming she’s in that profession or in pursuit of it. I’m wondering if you’re maintaining your physique with the same sort of work pressures.

    You’re not an ideal partner for her; you should break up and find someone as shallow as you are.

  5. Reddit users love drama that isn’t in their yard…they’ll tell you all day to tell her.

    You should walk away and stay out of it. You don’t know what kind of shit that telling her will bring. Men have harmed mistresses for less and no telling how the wife would potentially react to you. Your safety should be top priority.

  6. My advice would be not to find out.

    There's a very good reason behind the old saying of “don't dip your pen in company ink”.

  7. Tell your mom, she should be made aware that she's married to a man who has these.. interests whilst her own daughter is living under his roof.

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