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, y.o.


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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Why all the hotel rooms? Why not each others houses or apartments?

    Does he have a job and provide for himself?

    That age gap is too much.

  2. Give the ride. Ask gf to ride along. What does gf think is going to happen? Friend is going to whip those puppies out and show you, ask your opinion? Ask if want to squeeze them?

  3. He doesn’t want to change. You’re making that part up in your head. He’s doing exactly what he wants to do – which is NOT a faithful, monogamous relationship with you.

  4. Even though this was deleted, I'm responding anyway. The kids/no kids question is a 100% deal breaker. It is totally lose/lose in all cases. Never stay with someone who wants the exact opposite of you when it comes to the parent/childfree question.

  5. Just here to say that these effects are not the same for everyone. I don't really notice the next day and I don't feel high when I take it.

  6. He only mentioned it to her after he left the room. His wife probably told her friend about it too and her friend was uncomfortable enough by both their reactions that she left.

    It’s not her reputation, it’s how her guest felt that pissed off the wife. And having a headache doesn’t excuse a minimum of manners. It would have saved him a headache later on.

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