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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. From my personal perspective that’s weird, I like to balance my sex life with my partner, she gives me head I go down on her, she wants to be on top I let her be on top, if she wants me on top I go on top, you get the idea we do what each one of us wants, don’t know if your bf is shy or just being lazy/selfish or has some kind of disgust in a sense like some ppl just hate looking at feet or something , I would just honestly talk to him and say that you want to try more things in bed that the things he does clothed you want to do actually coz it works for you, otherwise things are boring and being on top honestly is probably more exhausting for the ladies then the guys 😉 it should not be a one way system, but everyone is different, I hope you get the idea but you can probably word it better then me 😉

    Good luck

  2. I dont get this! Why would a person in a relationship talk to another and sent pics. Were did he ”find her”? He was actively seeking and enviteing someone else! He’s door is wide open for suggestions. Off course its cheating. He’s looking and entertaining someone outside the relationship! Its up to you now, choose how you want to be treated in youre future! I Wish you the best in life

  3. This has to be a troll post, no one is that stupid.

    If I were your husband I'd get DNA test because you're obviously sketchy, and that's withyour own retelling, I bet you're way more affectionate than what you suggest.

    God damp people today.

  4. You seem confused. I wasn’t looking for information. I am correcting you. Criminal liability for defamation in the US is exceedingly rare and presumptively unconstitutional. To tell OP that it is a real concern in her case is absurd. Please, cite a single case where the suggested conduct has resulted in a conviction under current first amendment jurisprudence. See where google gets you on that one.

    You are out of your depth.

  5. I’m sorry I don’t know many people who would ok with their partner going on a cruise with someone that flirts with them. Let them go and send a text when they get on to enjoy being single. He probably won’t get it until he’s back on the coast.

  6. “Babe, I’ve been doing something I’m not proud of and I want to be honest about. I love you and I want this relationship to be my forever relationship. Unfortunately, I’ve never orgasmed. I was embarrassed about it and faked it every time. I’m really sorry—this wasn’t honest of me. However, I’ve never even orgasmed on my own. I do enjoy sex, but as I’m getting older I realize I want to actually orgasm. I’m wondering if you’re willing to help me figure this out? I know I also need to try on my own. If we can’t figure it out are you willing to go to a sex therapist with me? Again, I’m sorry I basically lied to you—it was immature and I was embarrassed. I hope we can figure it out together—and have fun trying.”

  7. Then he should reconsider being in a relationship and definitely should not be getting married if his trauma as a result of that experience is so bad that he is exhibiting such toxic traits.

    Like is he even able to acknowledge how absurd what he is saying is? This isn't even just 'I worry about other men' but right into 'I actively believe you are wanting to cheat on me' and that is a much much scarier place to be. That he thinks this is all okay and rational shows how far away from being healthy he really is.

    This guy is a woodchipper and you are hopping in voluntarily. Just because you understand why he is a woodchipper doesn't make it a good idea to stick a hand in. If anything, all you can affirm from the idea this is trauma is that unless he actively tries to deal with it, which he doesn't seem to have done at all, then this will likely only get worse over time as he becomes more invested in you.

  8. You will be ten years older and angry at your partner because of what you are missing out on. This is a big thing. If you don't have an open relationship with someone to satisfy your physical requirements, then you may need to be best-friends with her and find someone who is going to offer that physical attachment. It's not fair to either of you. This is a big, big missing piece and that's not even starting on the “do you want children or at least a child” road.

  9. Oh my god.. my struggle is REAL!! I have the same problem with my husband …. It gives me real anxiety when he does that and I’m worried that our daughter (we are expecting) will pick this bad habit up….

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