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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. My ex boyfriend asked me one night “what’s one thing you’d chan he about me if you could” I said nothing and he said he would change my weight. I’ve had an eating disorder for 5 years now. I left him about a month after that but it still affects me. It’s never okay to joke or comment. He seems like he is being hurtful and then backtracking. It’s impossible to forget things we feel ourselves and I think it could lead to resentment of it’s not communicated properly and apologised in a way that actually helps you move past it. I’m also really proud of you for doing your best to cope with everything that’s happened. You have one body and it’s the only one you have so we have to love it even when it’s making us feel unlovable.

  2. She's a walking red flag man. I wouldn't pursue or chase her — she'll just use it to her advantage. This situation is indeed messy.

  3. Hahaha oh man you just pulled that one right out of her butt didn’t you. Classic Reddit, well they must be a narcissist because every parent who had a kid with issues does.

  4. You haven’t had sex yet but she obviously has since she tries to initiate it and threatens to get it elsewhere. If you are really committed to waiting until marriage, you need to find a girlfriend who also wants to wait. And it would seem having orgasms together is just as bad as having intercourse. At least there is no chance of pregnancy that way. But because you asked, she has told you flat out that she is not satisfied without sex, so you either break your vow to yourself and have sex or you break up so she can get laid by someone else and can find a virgin. Those are your choices.

  5. I have been to such rooms in Vegas with a great performer. It felt so fake. The girl was gorgeous. I touched her as she took my hand but I was like WTF am I doing here and was so glad when it was over. I told my partner when I came back. Told her about how shitty the experience was and that I will never be going back and spend money there. Don’t be insecure, they are performers, nothing would have happened over there. Your boyfriend told you about it because he values you and honesty.

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