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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. 2,5 years is quite early to marry, I am with him on that one. It's wonderful that you love him so much, but 4 -6 years before marriage would be better.

  2. I really liked the part where you said to focus on how i feel. I will try to that. I really appreciate it.

  3. Read supposed to people that I’ve lost in love with their own choosing. It devastates them in the other person don’t take relationship slightly.

  4. my partner has deep conversation about our sex life with friends of both and other genders. I discovered that it in fact improve our sex life. she have a relay for her concerns and she has translators for the hints she don't get around me.

  5. Making time.

    They do video sessions, and one could pay a babysitter for an hour. Its like $20. Dont even have to leave home.

  6. Supporting her doesn't mean supporting a relationship with extremely sketchy power dynamics to put it nicely. I probably wouldn't specifically call it out right now, since it sounds like her family already has. The best thing you can do in this case is make sure she has an out when the relationship goes down in flames.

    It can be a hard line to walk, but I'd probably try to be a confidant so that you can push back on the unacceptable things he is likely to do. Like if she makes a comment about him deciding what she's wearing, you could says something like “you're an adult. Your significant other should treat you that way, not like a child who needs to be dressed.” Call out the negative behaviors not him so hopefully she is less defensive. Also reinforce that you are her friend and will help her if she needs to leave him.

    If you don't feel like you can be a confidant, that's okay. In that case, I'd just draw the boundary the first time she tries to talk about her relationship. “Unless you are talking about how to leave him, I can't talk to you about him. I view him as a predator and nothing good will come of us talking about you staying in a relationship with him.”

  7. If anyone other than myself jumped up on my husband and wrapped their legs around him, someone is losing their leg.

    Speak up. To him. Lay down your boundaries and keep them.

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