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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Oh I hadn't thought about it, a paternity test would actually make sense here, given her attitude towards OP

  2. It’s his money and you want him to just give your sister 1500 without telling him the full story I wouldn’t give it to her either and him making good money isn’t important to note he makes good money because he worked for it and he doesn’t trust her to pay it back because she ran up the credit card in the first place you’re way in the wrong here 1500 isn’t a small loan and family members always take their time paying it back if they do at all maybe you should tell him she’s being abused and needs the money then there might be a reason to be upset with him

  3. So you would cut off the man that raised you. A guy you describe as an amazing father.

    Yes, do him that favour. You seem ungrateful and the last thing he needs in his life is that, if the 16 years spent raising you can be tossed aside by you.


    Be an adult, and keep the man that raised you in your life under the terms and conditions that seem best to you.

  4. What would you do?

    I wouldn’t be that mad honestly, it’s just a gross thing. Like not brushing his teeth, eating his boogers or scratch his ass crack in public. Just ick ya know… I don’t know whether it’s break-up worthy but I would probably need some space to get that gross feeling out of my system. And then I would take one step at a time. I would convey all of this to bf of course.

  5. Trust goes both ways.

    And he’s not trusting you here.

    I happen to agree that a good marriage is one where spouses share all finances – but this isn’t a good situation if he’s pressuring and threatening you over this. That’s a massive red flag to me.

  6. Best thing you can do is leave it alone but still be romantic and intimate. She needs to feel comfortable and loved right now, it was a mini traumatic event for her and probably wants to know you still feel the same about her.

  7. Don’t make excuses for him omfg. And what is with this sub and half the issues between people with ridiculous age gaps? Ma’am – you’re ENABLING a pervert. And making excuses! I am disgusted that you even said “there’s nothing illegal about it” to justify it. Gross.

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