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, 22 y.o.


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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. This is disgusting. You’re Dating someone who literally was at prom less than a year ago.

    Grow up and date somebody your own age

  2. This relationship has ran its course. I'm sorry dude. You both are at different stages in life. She's still immature and lies for no reason.

  3. It's possible that at this time in your life, you're just not ready for a relationship. You may well just need that mental energy for working through techniques to deal with, not so much the anxiety, as the way you react to feeling that anxiety, and finding new ways to keep yourself doing something else instead of repeating that behaviour you don't want.

    It doesn't mean you've ruined everything, just that you can't handle a relationship right now.

    Later on you might, looking back, decide he was the wrong person for you anyway, or you might feel sad and regretful, but that's better than being stuck in a toxic cycle where you both damage each other over and over.

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