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Date: September 30, 2022

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    I (22f) have been dating bf (29m)for a few months now

    When we first met I hadn't planned on telling him he was my first but he asked directly and I didn't want to lie, the way I saw it I was a virgin.

    We had sex and it didn't seem like the virginity thing was important to him, we ended up opening up more

    it came out that I was sexually abused most of my childhood, at first he called it a lie, but then got angrier at me claiming to be a virgin when I technically wasn't.

    Which made me angry because it wasnt sex and its insulting to me, it's fucked up to be angry because I was abused and I had my first consensual time with him

    He hasn't wanted to have sex with me for close to a week now which is super out of the norm for us, it's because he feels like I lied about that I'll lie about other things

    I don't even really know what to do about this, I don't want to break up but I've already voiced my opinion and it doesn't change his mind, I'm starting to feel like I was actually wrong for even telling him

  2. A break up can always happen but you told him you will work on it and he has also to work and help you to get better. We all are feeling anxious sometimes, especially after a fight. But you talked about it and it is cleared and you have to move on with your thoughts.

    Otherwise they gonna consume all your energy. Figure something nice out for you two. A 1 day trip or something to chill together. If it is meant to be it will. And if not, then take a break and work both on yourself and then you can always talk again. Even when this is thr worst case scenario, sometimes taking a break is good to focus and heal

  3. I’m sorry this happened to you.

    Absolutely talk with your father about this. It sounds like your stepmom is not well and is actively trying to sabotage your relationship with your father.

  4. …. Then don’t scare her. Tell her what you found. No need to be scary about it. Just show her the reviews and let her make her own decision.

    Next time please don’t hide important information from people. That’s shady and sexist as hell.

  5. Thank you, I'll try considering this as my last option if there's really no way to make them like me. It's just really disappointing that I ain't gonna be close to them.

  6. Just cut to the chase and ask him. You already made this friendship complicated by introducing sex into it. There's a fair chance he has feelings for you too.

  7. If your partner reasonably asks you not to do something then you should respect it.

    The whole discussion here is about what is reasonable to ask.

    Here's a reasonable boundary: I will not be in a relationship with someone who tries to control my platonic, professional relationships due to their insecurities or outmoded social mores.

  8. 1) keeping pics of an ex, that he no longer communicates with, after 7 years, on a public profile, is a red flag. What is he holding onto?

    2) moving into together, after six months, is very fast, and a huge move. Requires some serious respect and trust.

    3) snapping at you, and calling you a cunt, is a deal breaker. He immediately broke your trust and disrespected you.

    Respect yourself. Kick him out.

  9. In regards to his baby mama not letting his kid over to his house, that’s a red flag to me. If he wanted any kind of custody that’s a simple matter of taking her to court for it, he doesn’t have to go over there. And if he has been to court and couldn’t get custody, then why? And if he’s avoiding court so that he doesn’t have a formal child support in place, he’s a deadbeat.

    He seems to be love bombing you with talking about making future plans, focusing so much on your looks, and mentioning taking care of partners financially. Put that together with talking about his giant dick and good income he’s really trying to sell you on a relationship with him so early on. You’re supposed to be feeling it out right now, not jumping in head first like a whirlwind romance.

    I wouldn’t count hiding his phone as a red flag yet. Being so open with your phone comes with time and built trust. I would say if you’ve been seeing him for around 6 months and he’s still doing it then it starts being a red flag.

    It’s super weird that he was seeming jealous that his dogs were giving you so much attention.

  10. Thats where the therapy comes in. They help you see it in away that makes sense to you. I know they won't say “This is bad” or ” He's at fault” or “You're at fault for this one”. They should be able to help you get yourself back on a level playing field so you can make those decisions and be comfortable with what you decide.

    Be careful with Reddit advice. Its a younger demographic, its very black and white in its opinions, it can be an echo chamber for those who shout loudest, and many of the people (myself included) have our own baggage. You're getting what you pay for with reddit but once in a while you might get a little gem of advice that helps.

    You seem to be aware that he could be wrong saying that you are to blame for his reactions. Thats very true. I don't know enough about the issues to make a judgement call though. I'd suggest the therapy would be the best thing at the moment. Be careful of overdosing yourself on the self help books.

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