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  1. I’ve tried reassuring him with actions as well, his love language is quality time so I try my best to make sure he feels loved with his love language so he can possibly trust me more + not feel the need to “control” me so much.

  2. TBH I dont think your bf and dad relationship will work.

    I'm not from the US, so maybe it's a cultural difference, but I honestly don't understand why your boyfriend took that route. Let me see if I understand the conversation correctly: your boyfriend mentions that 2016 was an excellent year for him, your father mentions that it was not so good for him because of the police murders, your boyfriend instead of letting the subject go or simply nodding decides to do a comment empathizing with the killer? It was literally your boyfriend who chose to hint at his political position instead of taking the safer route of nodding or keeping quiet to just get along with his FIL.

    I would recommend that you just don't bring your boyfriend over to your house for a while and let things cool down. On the other hand, I think the smartest thing to do is to tell your boyfriend to save his comments that empathize with police killers or the like when he is talking to your father, it is not very difficult to stay silent or just nod to get along with the father of your girlfriend.

    Regarding your father, I don't have any advice, but if I were you, I'd be a little annoyed by the lightness with which your boyfriend justified the murder of random policemen, since your father could have been one.

  3. Exactly. If he hates it so much there then he can just leave imo. How ungrateful and childish

  4. Just divorce! 1 year old married and he already wanted an open marriage? Like what? Because he wanted your best friend? Why he didn't marry her instead?

    Your are young, you deserve better, this drama and that joke of a husband doesn't worth it.

  5. I'm thinking maybe she could see a doctor. I'm sure passing gas while asleep is normal but it's the intolerable stench that is the problem. It actually smells abnormal.

  6. But you're not in an open relationship. He definitely cheating and you are not insecure. You're only 22 you're in the prime of your life. Don't waste time with someone who'll end up in the trash.

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