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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Nuance, diplomacy, euphemism… Just nice ways of saying mean things.

    That's not her problem, it's yours. You want to make your problem her problem, and need an angle that doesn't make you look like an abusive monster…

    I'm telling you to stop worrying about it, and occupy your mind with something more useful, like sandwich making, or getting out of the rough patch you're currently in in life.

    Look, if you're in a stressful situation, adding your superficiality to the mix of chaos will only serve to make the situation more stressful. Honestly, if you can't get your head around what I'm saying here, you really should employ a professional therapist.

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  3. My dude just stop. There is some sort of language barrier where english is not your first language is my best guess. “just because he is sentimental doesn’t mean he can’t be cheap”. That comment makes no sense and we aren’t referring to him or anyone as sentimental just the shirt. Have a goodnight.

  4. So you cancelled the trip in order to make her attached to you.. now when she's attached you feel secure enough to take the trip? You are a manipulative ahole!

    You should break up with her! You choose the trip so you break up before you go! Be a man!

    Your ultimatum is emotionally abusive!

  5. Count this as one of her quirks, and don’t fart around her.

    Or you can do it just to see if she’ll really leave.

    Depends, I guess, on how important it is to you.

  6. Nah, you're BF is only at fault for yelling. But then, you were yelling at your friend too.You and your friend are at fault. I'm assuming your BF was mad because you thought doing edibles and driving was a good idea which left him having to go take care of you. You don't do drugs and expect to drive. No one's getting home safely. I assume somehow he ended up taking your friend home. Thank him for getting you home safely, tell him you know it was a stupid thing to do. Whatever your friend's problem is, it's because you guys got yourselves into a situation beyond your control. Probably you yelling at her and trying to force her to do things to sober up. Calling her a lightweight I'm sure was helpful

  7. I have, a bit. I mean he knows I’d be poly if I could, and he knows I hope I’ll end up married to a woman, but I don’t know if he knows how involved he is in my future plans… like, he’s joked about how I’m not allowed to leave, we both have, and he’s said we are gonna be together for years and stuff, and we’ve both joked about getting married once we’re older but…not ever had a serious conversation about what this looks like long term or what we both want out of it

  8. When I was your age I had an insufferable tendency to belittle other peoples' interests if I didn't think they were interesting myself. It took me years to realize how obnoxious this tendency was. I'm guessing you did something similar with her. It's pointlessly disrespectful and kind of stupid because opinions like this are – by definition – subjective.

    For the record, I think sports are about as boring as you seem to think Taylor Swift is. I generally keep this opinion to myself, now. Regardless, it's good to at least try to dabble in your partner's interests so you can spend more quality time with them and get to know them on a deeper level.

    I would suggest apologizing for looking down on a major interest of hers and committing to being more respectful in the future.

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