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Date: October 6, 2022

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  1. Girl, i would do anyrhing to have that with my dad, he passed away 2 years ago and i miss him so much, dont lose him to that asshole bf

  2. Lmfao

    This is so funny, I'm shocked she won't get back with you, ah the things she can tease you about!

    Seriously do you even wanna be with someone who can't laugh?

  3. Thank you!!

    They didn’t really suck, I just wish I got some interesting stuff. I’m happy with what I got ultimately but at least one of the games I wrote down or even some of the stuff I wrote down for my house would’ve been nice. At the end of the day I’m happy everyone liked the gifts I got them ?

  4. Of course you feel embarrassed! You trusted the wrong person! That doesn’t mean that you should just continue to allow yourself to be in a situation where you keep making the same mistake! Ask for help! Get yourself into a safer environment, don’t make excuses for his bad behavior, heal, and learn from this!

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  6. Right? This happened to me in my 30’s it wasn’t even 17 seconds. All I could do was say ‘what’ and he said ‘sorry first time’ buddy you’re 34 we need to discuss this. How did you plan to hide it?!

  7. Well I did just think why does my husband wear cologne when he goes to work and made this post after he left for work, so obviously I will ask him why he does since majority of peoples advice says to communicate but for now I just needed advice from strangers?

  8. You are trusting she only got to second base and this is what 3 times? She had sex with his “friend” count on that. You made the right move and your gut was telling you not to marry this cheating liar that's why you backed out and it was the correct move. She will 100 percent keep cheating on you and you can't not trust her at all. Break up and move on you are in med school and you'll have plenty of women to mess around with during med school and after. Your current GF isn't worth the time of day for you right now. Stop trying to talk yourself back into marriage as this GF will just keep cheating and when you are married then she will take whatever she can during the divorce not to mention if you have children you'll be attached to her raising them until they are 18.

    Stay strong and break up with your disloyal GF, just think of her as Ebola and avoid that shit.

  9. I think OPs wife should get therapy if her anxiety is this bad. They’re married. And they have a child. You’re not going to look amazing everyday of motherhood — and that’s okay!! It’s part of being human. We’re not robots that live! systemically and perfectly. That’s not to say on-line like a pig, but seeing that MIL brings food for their child, I think she understands being a parent isn’t easy and she doesn’t uphold them to any level of perfection because she’s been there herself.

  10. I’ve don’t think he’s nerdy but he calls himself that and wants to be considered a nerd. I don’t know

  11. People who reject you for being who you are, looks and everything, have no place in your life or in your head. Good luck with therapy !

  12. Haha. One time my ex was mad at me and she went down on me for about 2 seconds before stopping and getting out of the car and leaving. It was the most annoying thing.

  13. So, sounds like a chunk of this is related to the fact that your gf is smarter than you? She’s on academic scholarship to what you described as an expensive school and you have a pay to print associates degree. You think you’re pretty deep huh? You made such a big deal about here getting a useless degree while it looks like you’re the expert on useless pieces of paper and debt.

  14. You’re entitled to your privacy. If she can’t trust you because she is still afflicted by the issues in her past relationship, she’s not ready for a relationship. It’s not the job of future partners to fix her past relationship issues.

  15. My mom was in this situation when she got pregnant with me, she’d been dating my dad for a few months and they did love each other… When she told my dad she was pregnant, the “best case scenario” happened. He said his life was now dedicated to her and their child, he was 100% serious about the relationship and being a father.

    That lasted for a few years, until they realized that they were never actually right for each other. They thought being parents would mean they’d be together forever no matter what, but the honeymoon phase and the new parents phase wore off quickly and everything became incredibly toxic. My childhood was filled with fighting, witnessing them abuse each other, cheating, secrets and other crazy, traumatic situations… All due to my parents “sticking it out for the kid,” despite actually hating and resenting each other. All because they never actually thought through whether or not they were really prepared to be parents.

    I know this is a probably the opposite of what you want to think about right now, but I say all of this because you need to be prepared. You can hope for the best case scenario that lasts forever, but you need to also prepare for the worse case scenario. It is almost impossible to truly know someone after only 3 months of dating, and becoming a parent is arguably one of the most life-changing and long-term, virtually non-undoable choice you will ever make. You need to seriously think through your option… Obviously you need to tell him, but please prepare yourself for an outcome that isn’t perfect. I truly wish you the best, OP. Think about YOURSELF and YOUR life!

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