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Date: September 25, 2022

19 thoughts on “Vanessavega live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Thank I think I will be railing to him one las time today and I will leave to a friends house for a few days. I becase last night I could barely sleep crying.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Those septum piercings look utterly atrocious and make anyone wearing them look much less attractive.

    The good news is it's only been two months, so you can easily m9vebon with someone else.

  3. Are you stupid or just a lying POS? DNA will not only show if they (husband and kids) are related but also by how much.

  4. I just talked to him, he said he was alone bc i got pretty sick a couple of weeks ago and didn't know what to do

  5. Get a baby cam and put it in the bed room Do not tell him Put one in there work out area to.

    That way you xan watch and they do not know.

  6. I couldn’t afford to give you a good childhood when you were a child, but now, I get a do over with a new family and I am taking them to Disneyland, so I can’t afford to help you now with your car. Oops!

  7. I don’t really think it’s an unreasonable age gap. They’re adults. They’re probably out of school and in the workforce. You think a 30 year old and 22-25 year old coworker can’t be friends? You think there aren’t millions and millions of friendships with that age gap?

    The fact that he posted what made him look good does not mean that what makes him look good isn’t true.

  8. Ummmmmm. If this is real you need to leave and find an adult boyfriend. Imho this is beyond anger issues and into mental illness.

    Normally I would recommend counseling but in this case I'm not sure I would waste anymore time

  9. Yeah… I know this was supposed to be about OP, but Sami is in shambles and I can't focus. This woman deserves so much more than this man. She owes nothing to him to try anything, he is in debt like a billion emotional dollars.

    OP, please try to help your friend see her value.

    As for husband, I'd just go with a “I love you, but I'm not going to give up my longstanding friendship and abandon someone I care about because her relationship is in shambles. I'm also not going to entertain this conversation further. If you'd like to meet up with me and Sami sometimes so you feel confident she's the same person she always was, sure I can arrange that.”

  10. Sorry, it doesn't add up. Companies do not require employees to pay for travel and accommodation if they sanction the conference.

  11. Yes, but what about the whole cuddling thing? Feels like he’s trying to lead me on with false hope. I know this is something I have responsibility around creating boundaries for, if I felt even able to be friends, but the fact that he’s doing that shit is enough for me to question his intentions behind wanting to remain in contact so much that I’m opposed to the idea.

  12. There is no point to waiting longer. You already know you are incompatible both sexually and also in terms of expressing affection. I think you should calll it off now, before you waste either her time or yours.

  13. That is sexual assault in some places in the world. He's purposefully sabotaging contraceptive methods in order to impregnate you again. Forget he's your husband or the father of your children. He's a sex offender.

  14. I’m clearly in the minority here but I also would want to know if my partner is still close with people they’ve had sex with. I wouldn’t want to be with someone that had fucked a bunch of their friends.

  15. You are the one who is comparing, not him. And this is definitely something you need to stop doing. Clearly everyone, including the ex you are friends with, see something great and attractive about you, so enjoy it!

    You want validation from others, but you really need to just stop overthinking this. Just tell yourself that you are attractive in your own unique and beautiful way just as the ex's are , and that's enough.

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