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Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “VIOLETA online webcams for YOU!

  1. My sister died from something similar. I learned a lot about the old treatments, the coming treatments, the less tested treatments and methods and the untested.

    Honestly, I don't believe chemo actually works. But it sure as shit almost kills you.

    Normally I would never write this to a cancer patient, but if you've been given a death sentence, it's probably the best thing you can hear. I'm no know-it-all hippie or anti science. I'm purely anti chemo. I believe it doesn't actually work.

    I've experienced two other people with similar situations that are still alive, and I urge you to focus on the most modern treatments possible. Because it's so close now. An actual cure for cancer might be in the tests now.

    I'm sorry if this sounds self serving or harsh or irresponsible. I hope you don't feel it that way. But the times when you still have energy, bodyweight and time is so so important.

    At the very least you should consider a complete diet change. Cancer cells eat sugar. Starve them. My sister started too late maybe. Idk. You need to keep on as much weight as you can.

    Bless you.

  2. No I know it 100% wasn’t that lol, she has a boyfriend and he’s aware I’d never actually have a 3some which is why it was a joke. And it was about if I had done it in the past, not if I would currently

  3. Ya this is a bad situation. Your jailer has you right where he wants you. Ten to one he doesn’t let you guys move home next year. Why would he do that when he gets to keep you under lock and key?

  4. Here's a way to make it obvious:

    Have a white husband.

    Cheat on him with someone black.

    Then say “oh but he's black, it's totally different!”

    Cheating is cheating.

  5. Yeah it’s a red flag. No doubt. Especially if he’s showing signs of doing it with you.

    You’re young enough that not seeing you for a few days is fine. It’s normal at that at age. But if he’s near exclusive with one friend at a time while you’re being ignored? No. You still need to be number 1


    Is it possible His “friends” are more than friends?

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