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  1. I wish people would stop making someone their “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” before they actually know some very basic things about a person. Knowing if a person believes you should be married to have sex would help you a lot in deciding whether or not that's the relationship you should be in. Knowing how they work their timelines, as in how well do they feel like they need to know a person before they go there will help people a lot in determining whether that's going to work for you or not.

    Now the immaturity of freaking out and ignoring someone just because they brought up sex – that sounds cultural. Is it? In some cultures a vast majority of girls actually believe that the only reason a guy wants to have sex with you before he marries you is because he has no plans to commit to you.

    Either way – do try and have a conversation by making it clear you only brought it up because of the comments she made. Also have an honest conversation about what her expectations are. Is she looking for a long term commitment? Will she need an engagement proposal ? Does she believe you'll have to marry her first? Does she believe that it's going to take however long it's going to take?

    all of this is good for you to know so you can decide whether to wait it out.

  2. no, it's not your place especially when talking about the trauma of another person. thats personal and for him to tell her if he wants. you dont even know how old he is…dont go around telling anyone he has sexual trauma.

  3. So you broke up with her. Then she slept with someone else. Then you got back together

    You should say and do nothing else and move on

  4. “absolutely bazoinked” put me on another planet

    OP, you need to do what’s right for you.

    As soon as I read “since 2008” I felt so much better about everything I’ve ever procrastinated in my life— and it’s probably not a good deal for you to be married to someone so irresponsible that 9.9/10 strangers on the internet who read about their situation automatically feel better about their own problems and behavior.

  5. She probably just assumed he told OP. My little sister is autistic and I just assumed she told her boyfriend especially since it very noticeably affects her behaviors. Not enough you just go AUTISM but enough that if you didn’t know you would just assume she’s rude. Nope just autistic and therefore pretty terrible in social situations with people who she’s not super comfortable with and who understand how her brain works.

    It’s just something you assume people tell a partner just like any other health condition or even if you’re an extrovert or introvert. Plus there’s a ton of people who don’t believe in modern medicine or treatments of any kind so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just guessed OP was chill with it.

  6. There is no way bills should be split 50/50. It should be done in proportion to your incomes. He makes more so he should be paying more. My husband makes more than me so he pays 60% and I pay 40%. Splitting it 50/50 is not reasonable when you make only 2k per month

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