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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Just be open. My husband just left me saying “he's been asking me to see a therapist for years.” I never once heard that. A few times over the years when I was venting about something, he would say “you should talk to someone.” I always took it as he was annoyed to be listening, not that he thought there was a problem. I'd have gone if he thought there was something wrong with me. In fact I started going 2 days after he ledt.

    Don't beat around the bush. Say you think it would help you both. I'd have done anything for my husband and now it's too late.

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  3. Let her go. You have different priorities in life clearly and honselty in my opinion neither of you is wrong for that.

    She's young has been robbed of two important years of her youth, aduldhood is just around the corner and she wants to at least enjoy the bit of time she got left (in her mind. She's a teenager after all)

    You are more progressed in your life. You have your job, other priorities and another view on life.

    At this time you are just not compatible for each other

  4. My brother once forgot his whole age and thought he was turning 28 when he was actually turning 27 for a whole year lol he's a knuckle head tho.

  5. Coming to your job like that and potentially putting your job at risk is a no no. He let his feelings get in the way of respect for you. Don't text his mom things either. She will probably just take his side again. He needs to apologize and it needs to not happen again.

  6. She actually messaged him first it said “you gave me chlamydia asshole!” Lol and true I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to STIs/STDs. I do like her a lot but idk It’s naked to say. If she did scrub her phone she didn’t do a good job that’s forsure. She’s always saying I’m checking girls out when we go out or will say small remarks thinking I’m cheating or something she’s very insecure . I believe trust will become an issue

  7. I’m cool as a cucumber man.

    You don’t think her suggestion to leave a camera on while she’s gone so she can watch her husband is toxic? Come on now.

    Being insecure about her age is a normal part of life. Letting that insecurity manifest into controlling behavior by not letting their employee come over while she is gone isn’t something that should be accepted.

    There’s always a sense in this sub that men need to work on themselves to overcome their insecurity while women who are insecure about their age as it relates to interactions with younger women is something that is understandable and should be accepted. It’s bullshit.

    But overall I agree, this is probably just fake so whatever.

  8. Overthinking is a sure fire recipe for jealousy.

    So I suggest the first step should be decide if it's worth overthinking, if you have actually something worth digging into, or if you're just being paranoid. Give him the benefit of the doubt, if you trust him / he's earned your trust.

    And remember- he chooses to be with you. That should count for something.

  9. Sleeping separately is not helping much, it's just enabling him to continue to gaslight her about his snoring instead of him dealing with the issue.

    Of course she can't make him deal with it either, but she can start healthy dialogue where she tells him how she's feeling and coping and how his actions are coming across (without accusations) and hope that helps. If it doesn't she's going to have to face these red flags for the warnings they are and make some important decisions.

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