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  1. Damn doggie sounds like you had a change of heart, well it’s like old money told me once, a girl you like you’d take all the shit in the world she throws at you but never from a girl who likes you.

    The thing is when a female devotes that much attention it’s worth seeing if it’ll work out, if you ultimately want to see if it can work out man, however you also should have a sense of honor like man shit not this bias Reddit crap.

    Don’t be fucking with a female you ultimately don’t have plans with, breaks ties and go after your life, someone else in it who doesn’t offer what you looking for is a waste of time. You only have hours not days until years become seconds. Just let her down gently and move on money the world is much different when you online honestly.

  2. Honestly, I do not understand how redditors fall for obviously fake drama-trolling posts like this. For starters, check OPs post history–they claim to be a widow in another post.

  3. She’s cheated before. She wants a separation so she can sleep with someone else to alleviate feelings of guilt. She’s lying to you, and by extension, her own children.

    Get a divorce. Gather all evidence of her infidelity and divorce her. You need to maintain custody of the kids, too.

  4. There are many girls who do not lke giving bjs and you are one of them so no matter what you do you would never be fine with this. No need to keep doing this otherwise with time you will start resenting him for making you doing this knowing you do not like this so say no and he has to respect this as there is no other way to deal with this. If he wants bjs all the time then he needs to find a new girl who is into it and you find someone else who would not force you to give him bjs after knowing that you are not into it. Set this as you both like different things in sex so it is enough reason to break up rather than trying to make this work. He will find a new girl sooner rather than later who is into bjs and you can find a new guy who is on the same page with you so you do not need to suck his dick all the time.

  5. lol good suggestions are ALWAYS in the comments.

    they either get ignored, get argued down by OP, or are useless because the whole post is a shit show.

  6. I still want to find ways for us to work out

    Why? Why do you want to be saddled with someone who is so irresponsible that they take 4 days off from work and they are already broke?

    The more you pay for his stuff, the more he will expect it.

    If you on-line together, move.

  7. So sorry this happened to you. I’ve been through the hell of this and it is horrible.

    First thing I would recommend is the book ‘Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life’ if even an ounce of you is considering taking him back. A lot of people downplay the impact cheating has on a relationship or believe the myth that it can be ‘healed’ through therapy. It is likely they will cheat again and even if they don’t you will end up being the relationship police (checking phones, people, whereabouts) because you don’t trust them and that will make you both exhausted and miserable.

    If you’re not considering taking him back, have a sit down talk with your family. Explain that cheating is a dealbreaker for you and even though everyone is disappointed, you won’t be getting back together. Say while you can’t control who they see, state that if they continue to see him, you will really begin to doubt their loyalty to you as a family member.

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