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  1. I had double jaw surgery and a chin reduction and my orthodontist said that my face was still swollen 2 years after my surgery! That was a very difficult surgery tho

  2. You are over thinking it and hurt. She didn’t see anything more, you did and that’s horrible but at the end of the day it was an experience you said you enjoyed. Sometimes you get disappointed, you don’t have your expectations met but that’s how it is.

    Don’t tell yourself this is some terrible thing you need to move city for, you need to not let a rejection hurt you so hard. Plus who is to say your door is closed forever anyway? You could still have a chance, she just might be more of a physical person when she likes someone but it could be that she could still like you regardless of who she slept with after. You haven’t known each-other long at all anyway. Idk.

    I’d say talk to her once you have recovered from your hurt, you aren’t dating and it isn’t like you told her you felt any certain way. I’d for sure keep up the relationship and see how it develops .

  3. 1 month in your heart you should still be skipping a beat when you see his name on your screen. Dreading it is normally for when the relationship is about to end. So starting off this way doesn't sound the healthiest imo.

  4. true. still doesnt mean adults are bad people for playing games in their spare time, even if those games do involve alcohol.

  5. I think you’re just not that into him anymore? Trying dating him again or seeing if you can notice that other people find him attractive (because they will)

  6. That's what I'm worried about. She just helped him move into a new position he has been wanting for years and I'm wondering if he is worried putting a boundary in place with her might jeopardize that. He's also usually kind of inept at recognizing flirting vs friendly. I'm going to collect my thoughts and feelings and try and have a calm talk tomorrow about how her interactions with him are affecting me.

  7. Thanks for saying this, it really helps. I have gone through a lot of trauma myself and know how difficult it can be at times to really see things clearly if one gets really triggered about something. I think she still has many qualities that make her a great person to be around.

    This sentence really hits home: “Beyond that, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” I do want to give it a chance, but not to the point where it becomes unbearable.

  8. I think you are wrong for making a big deal of it (boys will be boys) but he is wrong for breaking up over it.

    In fact if that is the reason he says, then he must have been thinking about it prior, and this was the straw that broke the camels back.

  9. Why exhaust yourself? When you know what you want make that happen.

    You seem resolved in your decisions. Why string him along?

  10. Yes that we still find one another sexually attractive and we communicate our attraction all the time. While going through every hardship there was together united. I understand though it is not easy to keep the spark. We have also children and we keep going imagine that!!!

  11. I mean, if I may; I'm getting “it's quiet… Too quiet” vibes. Though really in my opinion it just sounds like therapy has been really successful for him. The difference it does make when someone helps you identify and work on your issues can be tremendous, even just being less stressed after speaking to someone can give me much more energy over a week. I wanna guess he might not talk about his feelings as much perhaps because he doesn't feel the need to? I mean I know that when I've seen a professional over some time I tend to not talk to anyone else in particular about things as having worked on them in therapy it just doesn't seem like such a big deal, I'm working on it and I'll keep doing so, I don't need to talk about anything for the sake of it when I already have someone – a professional, as that can just be exhausting.

    It sounds good, I think maybe your confidence is a bit thin and maybe you're expecting something to be wrong but you perhaps don't know what but ultimately I think it sounds alright really. He's being more responsible, he definitely loves you as it sounds from him putting good effort and consideration into being spontaneous with doing activities etc with you.

    I'm just worried you'll only make yourself more worried after having asked this on Reddit. Reddit loves to speculate and catastrophize the silliest things and many will tell you x, y, or z is a 'huge red flag' but imo until you know something is wrong, don't expect it to be otherwise you risk making yourself poorly.

    I'm glad he changed for the better and hopefully you both have a great life together

  12. Internalized misogyny and slut-shaming could be at play. If you can't respect that a woman you love could have a purely sexual, short-term fling in the past, you shouldn't be dating. I suggest therapy and lots of internal work. All the best!

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