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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I think it’s a bad idea for you to stop working. This makes you totally dependent on him, plus you will end up with a big hole in your employment record if and when you ever do go back to work. You don’t have to get a really tough job, but you should find at least a part-time job to stay busy and productive.

    As far as gifts go, it obviously depends on what he likes and what he wants, and nobody but you and he knows what those things are. A bottle of nice whiskey? A new set of tools? A PlayStation 5? Something sexually that you know he’s really wanted to try? Coupons for back rubs? A fancy dinner at a restaurant he likes, or you could cook his favorite meal? Something that he collects, like comic books or baseball cards?

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  3. She’s waiting for you to break up, and will likely make it more and more difficult for you to be in the relationship.

    So leave.

    Tell her that unlike her child she obviously doesn’t care about you at all, and that you deserve to be in a relationship with someone who is willing to put effort into a relationship.

    Tell her that she has made her priorities clear. 1. Kid, 2. Job, 3. Friends, somewhere near 99. BF, and while you agree with the first 2, as they should take importance over everything else, the fact she would rather drink with her friends on Christmas than see her BF, shows you where you stand in her life.

  4. This is an awful sign dude. You're both so young and should be having fun, not hurting/confusing each other (especially not after a few weeks).

  5. I feel like I am going on a bit but I will say one last thing before I end my sermon lol, just something i would have LOVED to hear as a young people pleaser-

    You aren't pure, pristine and perfect and you never will be. To be such things is not your job and you owe it to no one. Your one job on this earth is to be who you are. Learn, grow and figure it out. You have time.

    You are not only permitted, but also ENCOURAGED, to mess up, fail, make mistakes, annoy people. To be “too much” and “not enough” sometimes maybe in the same day. You will be spineless sometimes. Sometimes you'll build resentment and overreact to a small infraction because you are so sick of having to be everyone's little angel. It's a part of learning how to be an adult in a world full of people with their own fears and agendas.

    When you have a fire under you all the time it can take you far- but it can also leave you burnt out. Give yourself permission to show up imperfect. Let people not like it. Offer yourself the same grace you offer to others.

    Then before you know it, you'll be the kind of person Some Bozo can't taunt with the ill-gotten very hot pictures of girls.

    Long story short? He for the bin, you for the awesome life you've worked nude for. That sounds like a hell of a love story to me.

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