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  1. I mean you could just ask him, but if you make him a sandwich, try to make it something he like, see if his eyes light up

  2. I haven't tried asking her to see a therapist yet, but its been in the back of my mind. I think the process of trying to find a therapist will definitely be a difficult path to start down.

    I have told her that it is burning me out, but that just seems to coax more tears because she feels guilty that she is causing me stress.

    She hasn't been diagnosed with anxiety, but she hasn't talked to any doctors about it.

  3. Sounds like she wants to stay poly but doesn't want to let you go. I would cut me losses and stop wasting time on a relationship that will enevitably crumble

  4. i realize that would immediately give it away who sent the messages. Those are definitely nuclear option to just blow everything up so to speak

  5. I think this girl will cause enough problems on her own soon enough. But for right now if you want to be with him, you kind of have to tolerate her. So I would stop not engaging with her. And remember when you go to his house it’s her house. You may not like it, but it is kind of the way that it is. I don’t know what you mean by bossing you around unless it’s stuff that again it’s in her house. I suspect it will not end well for your father. But I don’t know that he can hear you tell him that right now. Your dad’s more important so grin and bear it while you have to.

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  7. You need to tell her that her behavior is actively harming your relationship, and that if she doesn’t put in serious work to fix this issue, there won’t be a relationship left. You’re a human being, you should not be expected to deal with her toxic issues for the rest of your life.

    Hopefully she understand that you’re serious and works towards getting better. If not, you won’t be the bad guy for leaving. She’s killing your marriage.

  8. Oh my god I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling !!

    My love you need to divorce your husband even after getting you’re beloved pet back!! What he did is unforgivable and cruel.

    Get the adoption papers and call the police to his friends house. Stay with a friend or family member until after the divorce. You don’t know if he would do it again. Most likely he would.

  9. OP, this is a tough one and I feel your pain. From what little you shared, it seems like your Mom may be on the brink of an emotional affair which may or may not progress to something physical. Or, there’s even the possibility that once they talk she will tell him that she will remain faithful to her husband.

    This is the danger of trying to act on limited information.

    Does your dad deserve to know what you found out? Can you tell it to him straight, without adding your speculations and concerns. Because based on this post alone, you know only that they are texting and may talk via phone in the future.

    My general advice is to stay out of other people’s business, unless you know something concrete about harmful consequences.

    My advice to you is to talk first with your mom. Share your concerns, especially about your dad. Ask her straight out what her intentions are. She may shut you down, saying it’s none of your business. Or she may trust you enough to talk about her own challenges with the situation.

    And from there decide if it is the right time to talk to your dad.

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