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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. If it's not a death grip thing, or too much porn then it's probably a mental thing – perhaps anxiety? Maybe you can't let go/get too into your head about it because it's been so long?

  2. i have tried to bring it up multiple times, even when i’m not feelin frisky.

    I appreciate your comment. thank you. you’ve made my feelings feel validated

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  4. Yeah that’s definitely what I should do, but I’m just feeling anxious, I’m not sure if I’m ready to get my feelings hurt.

  5. Do yourself a favor, google “negging”

    He’s breaking down your self confidence so he can control your and your emotions. What you’ve seen in this post and comments proves it’s working.

    Get away from this guy

  6. You've said in the other comment you're completely in love with her. Now long has this relationship been going on for? How long did you know each other before you got together as a couple?

  7. You let her go and maybe try to see a therapist about this. You're smothering her. I've gone through this with the nicest people and when they couldn't simply relax and give space it made me run. It's so overwhelming.

  8. You can tell him but that may mean that you guys won't be able to on-line together. He wants his mom to move in with him, you don't and there's no real compromise you can come to in this situation.

    You can maybe say that you're open to her staying while she finds a new place but it doesn't sound like that's a likely scenario for her.

  9. Your ex handled this perfectly. There's nothing wrong with having a high or low sex drive. Just be honest at the beginning of the relationship so incompatible people don't waste time thinking the other person is going to come around.

    If asexual people would just date each other it would solve a lot of problems for both high and low libido people.

    Lasty OP. If you are comfortable with who you are don't change for your partner or some potential future partner. Find another asexual and be happy not having sex with each other.

  10. I feel like you see your three kids as your ex wifes kids and not yours, since you want to have the ability to make a new family with someone else in the future. Seem like you’re willing to abandon the kids you already have for the possible future ones.

  11. I think you and your bf need to really sit down. Lay it all on him. Ask him what the future holds for you both. Does he even want to move out and move in together? Tell him exactly what you want and give him a timeline. Whenever your contact ends again you either want to move in with your boyfriend or renew as a single woman. Don’t wait around for him to someday decide that he wants to move in.

  12. If you read her comments, she says her bf is aware and he's gay and sleeps with men. I think ya'll are all being too harsh on this girl.

    I commented this above but re-putting this info here.

  13. The prevalence of the behavior in question is literally the benchmark by which “normalcy” is measured. If in fact it is extremely common for men to retain naked photos of their exes then it is by definition a “normal” thing to do.

    You may find it “gross” and “creepy” – those are your personal feelings, and you're entitled to them, no matter how neurotic they may be.

    It's certainly not “violating” though, because nothing is being violated.

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