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Model from: ua

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Birth Date: 1997-02-01

Body Type: bodyTypeCurvy

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

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Subculture: subcultureGlamour

Date: September 20, 2022
Actors: Zlata-912
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  2. That doesn't matter because that's not what's going on. What's happening is that he knows that she has trauma and bought it up anyway. Nothing is unfair about this.

  3. Me personally I would buy my roommate a case of beer as a thank you. Your gf was in a tight spot and he helped out. You said yourself that it’s not abnormal behavior from him and that he was a long time friend of yours from childhood. Plus with her knowing how insecure you are about how much he makes it kinda makes sense that she would want protect your feelings and not tell you. Need to drop the jealousy and see that your friend was being a bro

  4. It's definitely not a mind game powerplay. Last ditch effort to save my marriage by saying Im not going to continue living on eggshells and constantly online in this fear of not being good enough for the person Im suppose to be in a marriage with.

    Dawg, that was absolutely a mind game power play. If you wanted to save the marriage you tell her that you won't let her blindly accuse you of cheating and you two either work on figuring out why she feels that way and help establish where these insecurities are or youre walking.

    Instead, you chose the most immature and power play way of doing it.

    Yes, this marriage is probably done. Yes there was absolutely a better way you could've handled it.

    You guys got married after one year? Dawg. Next time take it slow. This sounds like a classic case of people marrying young and not knowing how to communicate or deal with issues. I dont doubt there's way more to the story but at this point it's done.

  5. I think your new partner needs to stay out of you and your ex's arrangements. If she doesn't like the way things are, she needs to wait until this issue resolves it's self in the summer. If she can't wait that long, then maybe this isn't the relationship for the two of you.

    You have an unusual set up with your ex but it has worked for you two for this long and I think it is unfair of someone else to come and tell you what you should be doing.

    Would I advise your GF to get into a financial/ownership with you right now? No, I would not advise her to do that. I would advise her to wait until the house is sold and then you would be free.

    You and your ex have an arrangement that no one else should get into the middle of, especially out of the blue for your ex.

  6. Ok I get it, thanks for explaining. I mentioned that and made it clear she have nothing to do with it and it shouldn't affect her or anyone, everyone have their issues and shouldn't bring it to relationships. I accept what happened but I didn't say that it should be the way! We all have something might bother us but we shouldn't make others pay for it. There is no competition here!

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