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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. I've been in her shoes but this is just silly. OP I think it's time you sit down with her and have a discussion about this. Maybe you can offer ti host her friends? You said you both on-line with your parents but you might be able to work something out where you hold a dinner party one night without them there. If she pushes back on this it may be time to explain how important spending time together is for you and that you dont care if other people are around, you just enjoy her company.

  2. You should be able to discuss it with your wife. These are the kinds of life decisions that spouses talk about together (and often discuss before marriage especially when it’s a second marriage later in life). Have the talk. She should understand. Certainly if you are both contributing to a house, it’s reasonable that you would get the house! There must be some concessions.

  3. It's important to me because that's what I expect out of a relationship if I were to be in one. I don't have a lot of interest in pussy footing and would rather he know now and be able to decide for himself if he's still interested. I wouldn't say he has “expressed interest” but it comes up on occasion, such as when he asked me about how I grew up. Maybe you're right, and he doesn't need to know, and I should reconsider sharing. I've kept this to myself before though in previous relationships and wound up feeling pretty lonely in the whole thing.

  4. I don’t think that would do many any good. I care about him immensely, even in this state of friendship we’re in. They didn’t do anything wrong.

  5. Sounds like your wife just wants to bang her friend. Not really interested in the threesome. I would either just send them this link, and say it's a bad idea. Or just watch them and don't join in.

  6. Report your car as stolen and see how you can go about moving to on-campus dorms. You need to get out of this relationship. You're isolated from your family. It sounds like you got groomed by your older sister's friend. You're living together and she hit you, left you alone, and would likely expect you to apologize when she comes back. Love is not enough to hold a relationship together. Research abusive relationships and grooming and see what applies to you. Try to be logical instead of emotional or defensive. None of this is healthy or okay.

  7. My mother put me in this exact position. I never said a word to my father. But he knew anyway… I took the view to not get involved in my parents marriage. I have no regrets and would do the same again

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