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  1. It’s worth considering if he split with you under the guise of poor communication so he could have sex with her and test out his feelings for her ‘guilt free’. It’s shitty, but a lot of people have done it.

    Did he know of the person before you split? Did they communicate before you guys split? Have they stayed in touch since? Did they share nudes? Does he still have them?

    As someone else mentioned, he’s trickle truthing you. I’d encourage having a list of questions that you need answered to know how unfaithful and dishonest he’s been. And then steeling yourself for a conversation where you tell him that you are struggling to get past it and need to know everything to be able to stop your mind questioning things. That you want him to be completely honest now and leave nothing unsaid do that you can both draw a line under it and make sure you can move forward together.

    I’ve done this. I’ve listened to the things that came forward while my heart was breaking, but tried hard not to show it. Keep probing as calmly as possible for information so you get the e full picture.

    Once you break down, they will clam up and say that was everything even if it wasn’t. They are focused on keeping you rather than being respecting you and being honest to you. Not knowing that not being honest is what will lose you.

    You can always say it too, being dishonest here in anyway will end out relationship. Even if I find out in the future.

    Calm but firm and unwavering. I was gobsmacked by the depth of betrayal and dishonest and would have not gotten anywhere if I was showing how much I was falling apart inside.

    I hope there’s nothing else to find hun. Best of luck.

  2. I don't think it's like a sex tape either. Obviously they're sharing because they don't realize it is her. They aren't intentionally trying to embarras her (or that they are embarrassing her from her reactions here). I do think that if she told them it is her that would end of being very awkward and embarrassing for everyone else.

    I also think she can get them to stop sharing without telling them that it is her… they found it at a sale, one of a kind; a friend painted it, one of a kind; something like that… just one of a kind

    As far as your comment, of course it is her choice in what to do… and she isn't made to make everyone comfortable… however, you can still be an AH for purposely making your family uncomfortable, especially for nor reason. What you can and should do aren't always in alignment.

  3. When someone tells you and shows you who they are, (aka, he’s been playing two women) believe them. You deserve better.

  4. Ah nah, my SIL does this crap and idk how my family deals with her, her's certainly doesnt anymore. It can get worse too, not just feeling sick but say you injure your leg they'll suddenly be less able too, when someone you know gets an allergic reaction oh suddenly they cant have X or Y foods because they'll magically be reacting to it now despite having it fine the other day, any medical conditions that pop up likewise they take their own unique spin on to say the least.

    I can't imagine dealing with that stuff on as regular of a basis as you are hun, you're strong. How to stop it? Wish I knew or could give advice there.

  5. right? if i had a dollar for every dress, tool, pair of shoes etc. i've borrowed and never got back i'd be able to pay my car bill for a month or two. who the heck is asking two years later for a shirt?

  6. HERE WE GO.

    You staying is you accepting he'd harm you and your family for cheating but he'd hardly do a big evidence haul with that mentality anyway. You're at risk, OP. Please confide in some people who love you irl, even just to keep you safer if you decide to stay (please, please don't).

  7. If there’s a girl who threatens to breakup if you don’t like or comment on her posts, why do you need such a girlfriend? You just leave.

  8. This will not work in a long run. In the short run, both of you be happy and ignore the socioeconomics. Take the high road while you guys last. No. Do not make a fuss about it.

  9. I’m a little confused by your first couple paragraphs. You say I led him to believe one thing and did another, but that’s not the case. He has always known I’m asexual and that I have a low libido, this is not something I hid from him. Just because I had sex a few times does not invalidate those facts. Yes, maybe you’re right that it set the expectation that I was agreeable to sex sometimes, but the whole point of this post is that that has changed. I no longer feel that way. I wasn’t being misleading or dangling some mythical carrot in his face, I simply had sex because it felt like the right thing to do and now it doesn’t feel that way.

    I also discussed with him multiple times that even if I was willing to have sec sometimes it would most definitely not be as often as he wanted (he wants 3x per week ideally which is bonkers to me). He got into this relationship knowing all of this. I don’t like the blame that I’m getting for simply being myself and trying to be honest.

    This post was about looking for ways to have this conversation, because I am already aware that I need to do it, I just don’t know how.

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