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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Feelings issue can be worked on later, when your mother is living a safe, comfortable distance away lol. But I understand how you feel. It would be nice if your feelings were enough for her.

    Also I like your username. SSDGM.

  2. As a mental health professional, I’d need more to know for sure but, based off of this post I don’t think you’re a narcissist. If you really want to work through your anxiety I’d definitely recommend Therapy to help identify the source and develop cooling skills. Potentially couples counseling down the line

  3. Agree. And don't start internalizing what she said. It's totally normal for people who aren't asexual to want sex several times a month. In fact, there's plenty of people who want it multiple times a day and their partners as well. You're not shameful, you're just not sexually compatible.

  4. It’s not common for young single pretty girls to live alone in the suburbs. You are honey to the bees to this married man with no boundaries.

    You mean to tell me you don’t know when a guy is attracted to you based on behavior and know when to shut it down? Clearly your neighbor saw a change in her husband’s behavior after a much younger pretty single girl moved in next door. Perhaps like chatting you up, spending a lot of time in the backyard when he never used to, Bering overly friendly with the new neighbor when he never was ( and to be fair, you wouldn’t know because you just met them) and she knows her husband better than you then, it’s safe to assume he did find you attractive. If this has not occurred to you then you are not telling us everything or are obtuse.

    It sounds like you did what you could but it would be nice if you just stayed away from them all together.

  5. You seem to have the emotional maturity of a roll of paper towel.

    You remove yourself politely. That's all. It's really quite simple. Here's a script, if you reeeeaaaaallly need one.

    Alex: Hi, I'm Alex! Great wedding, right?

    You: It sure was. Excuse me, I need to use the ladies room. Have a nice evening.

    If he pesters you, if he follows you, then yes, you do indeed keep “walking away”.

    But: Iyou already know this, don't you?. I suspect you want to make your BF jealous, perhaps subconsciously (because surely (Shirley) you're going to deny that). Or you're just a very argumentative person. It's one of the 2. There's just no legititimate reason you can't agree to keep interaction minimal with this random guy (to you).

  6. The only acceptable thing for you to do is call the cops. Not try to change him, not pretend like you know what is best- call the cops and let them handle it – the end. And seek some help for yourself, your narcissism is going to become problematic at some point.

  7. Lol, I'm not your Bro, Bub! Nice try making this about me though – a common strategy from someone that's run out of logically, on-topic responses.

    She fucked up, 100%. You don't surprise a spouse just coming home from work with a guest, then pick a fight about a less than perfect reaction to seeing a guest.

    Once she learns he's not feeling well, she needed to back the fuck off. This would be a marriage ender for me if she couldn't come around in a timely manner to recognize her errors. You don't surprise someone coming home from work with a guest, get pissed about something so minor, then, yes, verbally absue that person with BS like “She rolled her eyes and commented that I shouldn't get dinner after putting her through this.”

    That ain't shit anyone should put up with for anyone, much less from their own spouse. She behaved so shitty he gets a complete pass about a very, very minor, if even that, infection over a less than perfect greeting.

    I'll put it this way, if we're doctors here, one patient has a paper cut, the other bleeding out from multiple gun wounds. That's degree of difference in the two's behaviors.

  8. “I'm in a cycle of abuse” IS a concrete reason to get out. Leave him blocked and stop talking to him- you don't need to announce your departure- this isn't the airport! Especially since you know he will try and draw you back in, just evaporate. There's NOTHING healthy about this interaction.

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