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  1. Well I'm 22 fresh off college, so that feels kinda weird.

    I'm currently running my own business making about 8~10k a month, last time I checked her(just at the talking stage) job pays around 5k. I've read some people do feel conscious about their career or pay??

  2. This is fair. However, if you are not spending your time the way you want to spend it, then you need to take some responsibility for that. Even if you leave, if you don’t learn to draw boundaries and think for yourself, you will be unhappy in future relationships too. My issue with you is that you don’t love (or even like) your girlfriend, have nothing kind to say about her, are seemingly contemplating cheating, but won’t leave because you are scared. You need to grow up.

  3. The answer to your question is always yes. There is no outside force dictating what you have to be comfortable with.

  4. What is the nuance you're a mid 20s guy sleeping with your friend's sister who is right out of high school. (I hope out of high school anyway.)

  5. Even if she for some reason didn't OP should still leave right now.

    Bringing anyone into your fights like that is massively inappropriate and he does it every time they have a fight. Just no.

  6. once a day is pretty frequent!! what is he expecting? twice a day? three times? that’s kind of hard to do when u have a job and responsibilities

  7. If you stay (I wouldn’t), I would find out if any of her friends knew about this and cut them out completely.

    I would ask her if they used condoms (yet another level of betrayal)

    Ask why she hasn’t blocked him, if she truly feels so bad

    Did she love him?

    What would she have done if she’d have gotten pregnant? Probably would have very quickly flown to you and fucked like crazy to make you think the baby was yours.

    Above all: Do not get her pregnant. That would be a hugely unnecessary complication for you to divorce. Be wary of hyper sexual activity in an attempt for her to get pregnant. In fact, I wouldn’t have sex with her at all until you decide what you are going to do.

  8. So tell her that you overheard her.

    That if she had any problems etc with the relationship it would have been nice to talk to you about it, rather than discuss it like that .

    Then ask her to explain why she said what she said, what she meant, etc.

    If she is apologetic, and wants to talk, then all good – you can turn this into something good, a chance to experiment, to find new things about each other and grow as people, and as a couple.

    If she gets all defensive, and tries to turn it around to make you the bad guy (not that either of you are in this) tell her if she misses her toxic relationship so bad, she can go back to him.

  9. He didn’t just propose while mom is dying but in front of mom

    I suspect he knew he was about to be caught and I have a raw hunch this isn’t the first time he cheated and got caught

    What a selfish a hole he is

  10. I'll tell you where you went wrong.

    First, you started dating this unstable person only 1 month ago and ignored her lie about her employment status. Should have run for the hills then.

    Second, you agreed that she is your girlfriend without having given it actual proper thought and time for the connection to develop.

    Third, you didn't stand firm on your boundary about the sex and allowed her to coerce you into sex.

    Fourth, she's fucking unstable. Don't get involved with such people. Bail at the first red flag and you'll avoid such messes.

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