Make you waifu happy by helping her reach climax [Multi Goal]

Date: September 21, 2022

11 thoughts on “BadassLoly

  1. I agree up til the point of find a woman to share your bed for a few nights. That’s just using someone else. And how is that supposed to make him better about himself? It just makes him seem like one of those old, gross guys in politics that hits on the young women – ewww.

  2. How the hell do you even find more than 3 or 4 apps? This guy wants to cheat, is lying, and probably did cheat.

    Even if he somehow proves he did not cheat, that doesn't erase his abuse of your trust. I don't recommend going forward through anything except separation; you're going to be rewarded with a partner who knows for sure you'll never hold him accountable.

  3. No, I didn't. I've broken up with several women who wanted to get married right away.

    I could've changed my mind, though, and that's the point. There's nothing deterministic about feeling one way one day and another way the next. People can and do change.

  4. Don't solve her problems for her. She's a big girl and she can solve her own problems.

    You worry about if she is right for you. She can worry about if you think she's right for you.

  5. My take on infidelity is that a relationship can survive it under three conditions, and you really need all of them.

    The guilty party confesses without being caught, and it needs to be right away. Without this happening the other party won’t be able to trust them going forward.

    It has to be a one-time lapse, not a pattern of behavior. One fuckup can maaaaaaybe be excused, multiple will lead to an unmanageable amount of resentment.

    The guilty party has to commit fully to doing whatever their partner needs to rebuild trust. Open phone policy, unlocking their laptop, reporting in, whatever the partner needs within reason.

    I’ve seen couples recover from cheating if all three of those conditions are met. I’ve never seen it work out without them.

  6. I’m a woman actually. You are evidently burdened by an incessant need to be right, and have trouble accepting others don’t share your opinion.

  7. The relationship is over.

    Get used to being a single parent.

    You both handled it extremely poorly, though leaning more to him being more in the wrong as from what you said he started it, and didn’t want to deal with the situation. But you taking your ring off…. Sorry but you killed any chance of that argument being sorted with that action.

    Unfortunately now you have to online up to what you said – so move out and get your family and friends to support you.

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