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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. That’s the dilemma of this whole question and as to why I’m reaching out to the Reddit community. I do not want to or mean to disrespect her job or her by any means 🙁 there is so much romantic tension between the two of us that it’d be impossible for either of us to not feel it. I’m mature enough and aware enough that if it was any other girl I’d just turn off the feelings and move on. But this is like some real love the universe is bringing on us type thing. I feel differently about her than I have ANY other women in my whole dating career and that says a lot because I’ve had many many relationships in my time. This one is absolutely special in every different way. The energy between us is torturing me so badly because I DONT want to jeopardize her job that I’m going on Reddit to ask for help. I am willing to switch to a different clinic for an opportunity to talk freely outside of there even if it’s just once….I guarantee it wouldn’t be tho lol basically I’m going to do something regardless of what anyone on this thread says, I have to, so what’s the best route here?

  2. At this point all you can do for him is give him a fair divorce. Dont drain his assets, get a job and take care of yourself.

  3. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to talk to her about it in a nonconfrontational manner next time I get the chance! 🙂

  4. This… This is not a partner issue with you gaming. You do not act like gaming takes priority, you adjust your time with her and .. well you do not come forward as a partner issued with “having to be with partner not able to game .. arghhh -ish”

    She does it want you to have time on your own.

  5. You must understand it is a mental disease. Would you leave if she become schizo ?

    We have an anorexic friend who is about to die for 12 years. It straining. I want NC.

  6. You are not compatible. You may love her, but that may not be enough. Once your residency is done, your hours may reduce slightly, but you’re still going to be working an insane amount of hours and you will still be on call.

    The other issue is the stress that is associated with any job in the medical profession. It takes a physical and emotional toll on a person. There will be times when you may have plans, but you have to cancel because one of your patients needs you. You’re going to miss things because you have to work. You’re not going to want to fill up all of your down time with activities.

    If she doesn’t understand now, she’s not going to just miraculously change because you’re engaged or married. Right now, it’s just you and her. What happens if you have a baby? She will eventually start to resent you and feel alone.

    Some people can’t handle being alone and don’t have the ability to empathize with others. It sounds like she probably falls into those categories. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that doctors have long hours and can’t just take a day off or work the standard 8 hour day. Right now, school is in session so she’s working. If you think she’s not being understanding now, just wait until school lets out for the summer and she has nothing to do during the day.

  7. Can you link the study? A study that small with that big of a gap is a bit of an alarm. If you figure you take 150 of each to get the 300, 4.5 times means even if absolutely every circumcised participant had ED, only 33 of the non could, which is unlikely. Or conversely, when you say it's 4.5x, it's like 2 and 9.

  8. Nope. Not at all. Is that a pre-programmed response you have?

    He asked if she was seeing anyone and she said no. So there is nothing to be jealous of or insecure about. He then found out she lied because it was the ex. She took choice away from him. And because it is the ex, it is even worse. How does he know she is over him now that they are exclusive? Because she says so.

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