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Date: September 19, 2022
Actors: DiSweetyy

10 thoughts on “rachelquinn

  1. Honestly, feel great.

    I don’t even feel an ounce of sadness, more like relief and I’m not totally sure why.

    Because he was a creep that was too old to be dating a teenager. A creep that started proposing a few weeks into the relationship and never stopped. His plan was a trap. It didn't work. He assumed he would pressure you into it and you'd give up your plans and do as he wanted.

    Did I do the right thing by saying no?

    1000000000% yes you did

  2. OP the abusive one is your wife. My God. How can you stand living with someone who treats you that way?

    Why in the world can’t she setup her own software? She’s a goddamn adult and you can google how to do this step by step.

    She’s upset that you made food because it wasn’t the way she wanted it done? What an asshole. Really. It’s obnoxious.

  3. Dude – know it hurts – but good for you! She has a moral compass issue that will only be corrected by her learning some life lessons – those will come – it always comes back around. She saved you more heartache than you will feel now..

  4. I think Greg has to come clean before they get to that stage

    Mmmm nope. He's doing just fine with the status quo and has no incentive to change it. He is disincentivized to tell this particular truth, and now the rest of you are involved.

  5. There are other options for having kids. If she wants to be pregnant, you could get a sperm donor. If she’s open to adoption, You could go that route. Either way, being honest about your results is essential to maintain trust and the health of your relationship.

  6. My dad was an alcoholic. His bedside table was a bar fridge. Please do not tell me you don't remember what you did. He remembered every slap, punch, whip, body throw, every single drop of blood he drew from me. And thought it was funny the next day when he saw me.

    This is a deal breaker. No more alcohol or an agreed upon amount. Or end it.

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