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8 thoughts on “Alina_Vibe_Melive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I would say long term it will kill your sex life.

    Plus if you are not vocal about what you want, expect and need sexually you will be let down in the long run.

    Just my opinion.

  2. 1) Why would you chase after someone who just fucking dipped like that?? 2) Divorce him. Like seriously, text him that tu cat really get divorced until he at least gives you an address that you can have him served with papers from.

    I hope kids aren’t involved, do not cry over this man. Do not grovel and beg for this man. He is not worth it.

  3. I might get shit on by saying this but their friend group is just weird and not normal by any means. I don't wanna believe that 20 yr olds are like this rn lol

  4. Not at all. This is not a hot concept. Break it down for him by calculating hourly wage x hours worked. Do yours and his. If he still can’t see it then that’s his issue.

  5. Okay?

    What else can you do? besides breaking up.

    I get this:

    Ever since we got together I've told her I didn't wanna spend my life in Arkansas and that I wanted to move eventually.

    But did she say she felt the same way. Because you cannot announce something and expect your partner to follow through with it…

    There really is no other option than breaking up…

  6. If you don't fight for what you love, then you stand to lose everything.

    My brother chose not to fight in his divorce, and let his ex run the show. Because of it, he lost EVERYTHING. Including his 401K to her. Do. Not. Let. Her. Make. The. Decisions.

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