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  1. I would consider reaching out to their church to get some insights. Like, call one of their pastors and ask for guidance on how to navigate this situation. Tell them you want to be the godparents but you are not interested in getting married (again) under their terms and rules.

    You'd be surprised how quickly they'll turn around if their church asks them wtf they're doing by disrespecting family over church membership.

  2. This relationship sounds unhealthy. She’s have mental health issues over your disagreements. She needs to be seeing a therapist and a doctor to help her.

    Sarah sounded reasonable for Cathy to dislike given it was weird she got mad at Cathy for doing something for your birthday. Sarah sounds jealous.

    The 27yr old best friend and her fiancé I do not understand Cathy’s issue with one bit. To me looks like you were always in a double date situation so I don’t quite get the issue there.

    You shouldn’t have to give up meaningful friendships in any relationship let alone only 8 months in. Ultimatums are not cool and only lead to resentment and issues.

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  4. Phew, I've been dating someone 6 months and only just left a toothbrush at his. I rushed into my first marriage. (Only marriage, never putting myself through THAT again). Please, don't.

  5. Look, they aren't coming back, not ever. That door is permanently closed.

    The humiliation and pain your father felt is not something he is ever going to get over. Just reading what happened is chilling. They should never lay eyes on each other again.

  6. As someone who spends a lot of time with their dance studio crew, including going out to various non-studio events…it's not weird. It's only creepy if you're intent is to hook up with college age kids. My dance crew consists of people ranging from early 20s to early 80s. It's never weird or creepy, unless someone specifically does something weird or creepy, which hasn't happened in my experience. Dancing is fun, no matter your age, so don't feel weird about having good respectful nights out so you all can practice and enjoy something you love to do. And at this point, I feel like partner dancing is like the fountain of youth! I go to dance events at a community ballroom in a 55+ community, and if I never looked above the knees, I'd swear the couples out there dancing tango and viennese waltz were in their 20s. I'm honestly amazed at how some of these 80 year old couples can float on the dancefloor. Keep dancing and having fun!

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