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  1. Media isn't at fault for how he responds to the content he consumes. How he chooses to behave and treat other people and their interests is entirely his own responsibility and he's fully capable of not being a prick about it.

  2. I'm failing to see why anyone would want to make her see such a horrible shit. She's in the right, and you tell him that. And you leave her where she is to have a nice life with her salon, her husband and her baby.

  3. I mean, i dont know about been letting her know lol, not really her business anymore but now would be a good time since his fiancée and her will meet

  4. Yes, I did therapy for the better part of last year and it helped. I have my (healthy) coping mechanisms, I guess I'm just thinking like…. is this normal or am I way hung up on this? I definitely blame myself for getting comfortable and settling for so long. But I was also so young and naive, had so self confidence until about 2 years ago and just thought…. no one else will ever love me so ill stay. There's history too, of course. We had a bond over some traumatic things in our lives that go pretty deep, so I guess there is that too.

  5. Who the hell downvoted this comment. It's at zero. It's fine and reasonable for your friends and family to not want to give someone who is unpredictable their address. Also there is no point. If he won't pass the things over to a friend (or leave them in the mailbox or on the porch for the friend to pick up, so he wouldn't need to have any interaction with the friend) he is not going to mail the items. It's a control thing.

  6. Oh come on, you know he meant that she didn’t catch him in a position where she would be questioning his sexuality based on what he was watching. This is a disingenuous and pedantic comment.

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