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Date: September 26, 2022

8 thoughts on “Amy Purple live webcams for YOU!

  1. Does your entire family have a history of being toxic or over controlling? The marks makes sense as many abuse victims make excuses so naturally they’re concerned and not sure what to think. But if there’s no history of toxicity, especially from the entire extended family, I’d take a step back because is highly unlikely they’re all just randomly against this guy. More than likely, they see warning signs you’re ignoring. Take some time for yourself to do some research and see if your partner’s actions might be red flags. (You largely gloss over these other reasons your family dislike him but I imagine they’re not flattering for Charlie).

  2. This is what I’m saying! And they’ve only been together FIVE MONTHS!!! Yeah this is fully sketch

  3. The “she doesn't see it as wrong” is the real problem because people make mistakes, especially at a young age but not learning and growing from those mistakes is the real issue. I wouldn't be able to trust my SO if he didn't find having an affair with a married person wrong.

  4. Well, she’s young too. Ask her if she be down for a threesome. Surprisingly many women who are down bad.

  5. I don’t understand his hang up. He needs to get over it. Like you enjoyed them right? How does this change anything? What a weirdo.

  6. Yes, some people say they were able to work through it but it has permanently altered your relationship and not for the better.

  7. I can’t tell if you’re being snarky, so I’m just gonna go ahead and choose to believe that you’re offering some kindness. So, thank you.

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