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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. 4 german shepherds! i’m surprised your eyes aren’t swollen shut to this day lol. i will talk to my doc about the shot though. thank you for the suggestion

  2. It is not weird to care about how your daughter is treating another person. I don’t think there’s any evidence of her cheating but it’s not weird to care and hold her accountable if you find out she was.

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  4. Leave. Why be with someone u can't make a baby with if u want one. You're wasting her precious time. Or, be cool with adoption if shes open to that. Guess it all depends on whether or not you think she is the woman you want to be with for the long haul.

  5. Validation. Most people don't post here for advice, they just want people to back them up and confirm that they're not being irrational. Even when they are being irrational.

  6. Let me tell you a story, I met my BF and baby daddy when I was 26 and he was 25. I trained him at my job and we clicked. He sold himself as someone who was generous and helpful, who liked to laugh and smile. sure he had a really rough past but so did I and he had worked through it. his family treated me great and he was 'perfect!' he moved in in no time and I fell pregnant soon after with our first baby (not planned) within the year he started to slowly change, gone where the acts of service, the nice words, the laughter. he would get angry when I would ask him to come help my dad with things when before he was all too happy to help. Gone where the promises of equal partnership and I was ready to dump him but he convinced me he was going to get help and into the next year we went where he was great again until he started going back to his abusive ways, and on and on for almost 5 years. I use to tell myself, 'well he isn't always like that', 'he told me he would get help', 'I told him I didn't like it and he promised not to do it again' and then he would be all nice for a while and go right back to the abuse. getting out of it was the best thing I ever did for me and my boys.

    He changed the second I got pregnant because he 'had me' and he no longer had to try to keep me. just like your guy is trying to trap you by taking away your financial independence and marrying you. please understand you are trapped in an abusive tale as old as time, we have all been there and the sisterhood is telling you to run for your ducking life! there are great men out there, trust us when we say a 37 year old having eyes for a 23 YO is not one of them.

  7. Now I don't think I'll bother with the interview but I am questioning our relationship

    Go to the damned interview you idiot. Absolutely do not throw away a dream job because your “girlfriend” objects. A “wife” would be another matter, but a “girlfriend”? No.

    Your relationship future is a separate matter. Clearly there is a lot you need to discuss with your girlfriend about the future, and timelines.

  8. I am careful about it. He’s never even see photos of her, I’m very protective. Of course I didn’t mean we would go now or even in the near future, but you’re right I did get played it seems. But I’m not sure what he got out of it. ??‍♀️

  9. Well – sounds like your kids are gonna have fun visiting their Dad in prison! Do you know who the #1 informants are on Drug Dealers? Other drug dealers. You take them out and suddenly you have a whole load more customers.

    You partner is an idiot.

  10. Well then, you know what to do she violated your trust, lied for years, is trickle truthing you now, and who knows if that was the only time. I would say leave as this relationship is not healthy.

  11. Communication should 100% be the first step here. But he did mention attempting that and so far it’s not working. I wonder if she has a friend or two fueling the flames. At any rate, this does seem very fixable if they do whatever is needed.

  12. It's not you it's him. He doesn't understand that it's normal. We're not suppose to smell like flowers and sunshine. There are some smells that aren't normal which are a sign of an infection. See your Gyno to make sure you're all good, especially after everything you have used on yourself.

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