Amy Purple


I’m your little slut, make me wet and scream , ⚡| ♥Control me ♥Come FUCK ME in pvt❗

Date: September 19, 2022
Actors: DiSweetyy

6 thoughts on “Amy Purple

  1. It’s kinda dumb for him to be so controlling. I think that it’s totally normal for you to grow, change, and seek new experiences as you get older. Y’all’s relationship started in high school, I’m sure u guys are completely different people now and are allowed to be. Weed isn’t a bad, it can actually be used for medicinal uses unlike alcohol so he should do the research and not be so narrow minded. He will only push u away as he keeps you from experiencing new things.

  2. This is something that I’d need to see to believe. If you can link an example I’ll happily concede, but I just don’t buy it

  3. Thats why I cheat on my boyfriend regularly and tell him about it later, he grows from having his ego challenged!

    That's why I compare my GF's weight to my ex's, she grows (no pun intended) from having her ego challenged!

    Thats why I compare my wife's loose pussy to my ex's tight nyash! She grows from having her ego challenged!

  4. Well… you def need someone who can insert input that drives conversation.

    If every conversation is a dead-end, its nude to connect with someone like that… so there is that tid-bit.

    Perhaps try and go out to do something fun that breaks the ice… Or suggest cooking a meal together? That is his interest and surely there is a recipe you two can try out. Seems like a nice way to connect.

    Beyond that, you might be SOL if he has walls that are very hot to break down.

  5. If the only thing your boyfriend can do is accuse you of “being insecure” as a way to dismiss you when you bring up your very valid concerns, that should tell you quite a bit about him. Have a look around here, you will see so many people who got cheated on by the same person who used that kind of line on them, including weaponizing “don’t you trust me?”

    Your sister is treating you like some sort of sibling rivalry competition and your dense Charlie Brown boyfriend clearly does not see it. Is this really the type of guy you want? A clueless wonder when women hit on him and invite him out? Guys like that suck IMO.

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