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Date: September 25, 2022

10 thoughts on “Alexyferrer online webcams for YOU!

  1. Communicate with her you would like to cum, maybe for you to come faster add more foreplay

    If you are doing oral on her she can do oral on you too

    Maybe try that

    It all comes down to communication

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  3. I didn't know the term retrospective jealousy, it was very interesting to read!

    Btw i agree with your comment: This is a “him” problem.

  4. Love that it's always women are manipulative and sneaky and men are just clueless innocents when it comes to these stories..

    Why is HE letting her call her that. You want to bite her head off but not his? Also you already snooped why not just confront him about it?

  5. Yeah think that's exactly what happened. Just bothers me he reached out on Christmas and new years and responded to my birthday text I sent him, with him responding that it was great to hear from me and that he wanted to hang out soon. All while he was talking to someone else (who he is now dating)

  6. Leave him. Conservatives don't deserve to be loved or cared for or respected. They actively support genocide and fascism. You can pretend they don't, you can lie to yourself and say it's just a difference of opinion. But no matter which way you slice it everyone who calls themselves a republican is either too stupid to function or a morally bankrupt monster. There are no exceptions.

  7. Same. But unfortunately there are legitimate people in this world who don't respect themselves even an ounce so they stay in relationships like this.

    What would she even need to chat to someone she cheated on her partner with about?

    And to hide it?

    But OP is gonna stay and have a miserable marriage because he's trying to hold onto this chick that keeps disrespecting him.

    I dont even know what he wants us to say…

    So OP what do you want us to say?

  8. Dude you are talking around in circles. What do their txt ACTUALLY SAY. Ask her how she would feel if one of your exes kept texting you about seeing your dick.

    You are confusing the shit out of me but I would just break up if she think this is cool.

  9. Yeah I shouldn’t of, I just didn’t want to lie when he had ask me whether I have had one before.

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