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Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “AnaisBloom live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Tell him “Look buddy, I'm not your housemaid! We are “friends with benefits” and that's that! If this doesn't suit you then you need to look for a girl who wants a relationship and let her take care of you!”

  2. And yet he can't resist biting the hand that feeds and then returning said hand's cricut machine because he was butthurt about getting caught cheating on the aforementioned hand.

    This relationship has a shit-ton of problems and they have nothing to do with funko pops.

  3. Some people like to get more information and context before making requests. I don't see a problem with her behavior as long as she's not holding back her true desires frequently to a point of developing any resentment or fear around asking you things.

  4. She has already proven that she can cheat, lie and hide things like a pro. Almost like she has done this before. If you stay, she will know she can rinse and repeat and won't have any consequences because no matter what, you choose to stay.

  5. He's really bending over backwards to not make your timeline achievable, instead of just flat out telling you the timeline isn't one he wants.

    But it's not a timeline he wants, and there's clearly nothing you can do to change his mind. And honestly, nor should you. This is a pretty clear indication that you two aren't compatible, and he's not the guy you'll have kids with, I'm sorry OP.

  6. And I think you only have a very small window to unsend iMessages… so he would not have been able to unsend “pocket texts”. That phone was in his hand and he knew what he was doing.

  7. Your mom and brother have low morals!

    BTW, mom will need to evict you, or give 30-day notice. If she kicks you out, have the police escort you back to get all of your property. I hope you escape soon!

  8. Kinda gross, he might just be like that. Surprising your mom doesn't seem to care. But then again, he's been around you since you were a baby, so, maybe he's just trying to tease you? I think if you openly displayed your disgust at his teasing it would probably stop. Of you just act embarrassed about it, he'll likely not stop, ever.

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