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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. I think it's really telling you did not write all of this in the post. Because you know he is an asshole, and that he is mistreating you – making jokes at your expense is 100% mistreatment. I wonder how often you have to apologize for him or try to somehow play off his rude behaviors, so people don't hate him.

    This is sad. It shouldn't be your job, OP. It's hs job not to treat you and others like dirt.

    Women apologizing for their jerk SO's is a tale as old as time, and honestly, I wish in the year of our Lord 2022 it would go die. I really do hope hi did change like you say he did, but tbh I don't fully believe it. I don't believe a belittling asshole turned into a nice person because you talked to him about it. I think he simply hides that he is a belittling asshole a bit better in front of others, now.

  2. Just a note: I asked my therapist why men are attracted to people like Andrew T. What is in his message that they find so appealing?

    She said they have an insecurity or fear that people like him verbalize, then offer a solution for. That's how he gets them hooked.

    The more they listen to him, the more they start to feel like he understands them, and everything he says “makes sense.” In reality they just want to belong, and he makes them feel like they belong.

    Same with all cults. Appeal to a fear/pain point, offer a solution, profit.

  3. I have a general philosophy that looking at a SO’s phone is a dealbreaker- like both ways. If I find something I don’t like, then my intuition is correct and the trust is dead. If I don’t find something, then clearly I don’t deserve to be trusted so the trust is still dead. Validation your intuition was correct is never much of a consolation prize in these situations.

    You don’t have to go from 0 to 100 today with calling a divorce lawyer or even talking to him about what you saw quite yet. Do you think he’s cheating? Do you feel based on what you saw that this is divorce worthy? Would getting yourself some counseling / marriage counseling help? Is this just venting?

    Him talking about you badly with this lady is wrong, so is looking through his phone. Two wrongs don’t make it right, not all wrong doings are equal.

    My suggestion: Do nothing until you know what you want, and get a better feel for if you believe he’s cheating or if his friendship with this lady is a dealbreaker for you. No ultimatums, just you looking at this situation and evaluating if it’s where you want to be, accepting it probably won’t change.

  4. This all depends.

    Is your friend going to go around and bad mouth him? Destroy his reputation and publicly humiliate him? Is this situation over or just beginning?

    Is your friend willing to have a calm discussion with him? Tell him about her experience being trans and how his views hurt her? Would she explain what medical experts say about trans people (I don’t even know if medical experts largely agree on the issue one way or the other, I’m just throwing out ideas)? Maybe you could push her to handle this constructively instead of maliciously, if that’s her intention.

    As for your BF, there’s no way around it, you broke his trust. Can it be rebuilt? Sure. But it’s going to take a lot of work and you both have to be invested. Tell him how horrible you feel for doing that and you’ll do whatever it takes to repair trust. Acknowledge you were out of line and you regret it.

    I understand there is probably a lot more to your relationship then what you listed, but if you think he’s amazing because he cooks for you, I’ll tell you now, that’s like the bare minimum. Maybe take some time to really evaluate the relationship and if you want to put the effort in to begin with. Maybe you have bad luck in relationships and he’s just the best you e had, but not the best out there for you.

  5. Friend, after being with a porn penis and a micropenis, no one wants an outlier. We want one that fits! Accept that she means it when she says “just right”.

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