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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Take pictures, wear a disguise. If you can livestream “Me watching my boyfriend on a date with someone else ” that would be even better.

  2. I think he probably does like you and think great things about you as he probably would not be in a relationship with you if he thought otherwise. He probably is just bad at communicating these feelings and probably just expresses these emotions differently. I would exploring how you guys express these emotions by taking the love languages quiz live! and comparing. Hope this helps.

  3. Even if it is, it’s not okay for him to act passive aggressively towards you regarding your personal life. You aren’t doing anything wrong. He is the one with the issue. You have the right to socialize with the people in your life in an intimate way the way you choose to as long as you’re safe

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  5. She's obviously lying and she will gaslight you if you confront her now. She will make you think you're the crazy one for implying she's cheating but you've to be mentally prepared the relationship is over.

    Also one thing I didn't point out in my original comment what was she doing with a guy who was old enough to be her father? Had she been in therapy? And did she came from an abusive household or had an neglectful father growing up?

  6. She didn’t do that at all. She was disappointed in her cousin because she saw her as someone to look up to spiritually and you have every right to be disappointed when you find out someone who said they had the same values as you does not online them.

    Likewise she offered to be friends with him but just not keep him as a partner potential.

    People get so Butt hurt when someone is religious or conservative that they just assume they are judging people when in reality it is a preference. It sounds more to me like projection because the only ones being judgemental are those who don’t have those values.

  7. What exactly did you think would happen by you telling her it makes you uncomfortable? Were you expecting her to quit her very good job for you??? Like for real? You've been together four months, that is basically nothing; if you can't deal with her job and trust her then you can't be with her. She did the right thing by breaking up with you. Just let it go

  8. He's repeatedly and intentionally inserted himself in situations where he can further his goal of getting close to your gf. Sitting at your table when his friends sat elsewhere shows his nefarious intent and its time to point out to your gf that this is not a nice person with innocent intentions. This is a snake in the grass trying to break up her relationship.

    Honestly, if I were you, I'd tell gf she needs to tell the bride his intentions with her are obvious and she's offended that he thinks it's not obvious that he's trying to get close to her to break her up with her bf and she doesn't want to hang out with him at all. Period.

  9. That's quite a sentence.

    1 her ideologies are different to mine, which they are but i could change her,

    No you can't change her and you're naive for thinking you can. You're just her boy toy to string along with fake promises.

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